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Brand New Bimaa!

Good Friday morning, all!

Today is huge.


The Bimaa is BRAND SPANKING NEW today!

We're celebrating by offering the pattern as the Friday Fiver over on crafterhours!  For the next 24 hours, you can get the Bimaa, in all of it's updated glory, for 5 bucks.  Run over to crafterhours for the code!

What’s new in this update? Well, most prominently is the addition of many more sizes! Yep, I’ve heard your cries – the Bimaa is now available in sizes 6/12 months through 12 years! We’ve also tweaked the fit, professionally graded and digitized in Adobe Illustrator, and added helpful size charts! 

Do you already own the Bimaa?  Please email me with your proof of purchase (PayPal email address, invoice number, screen shot of bundle receipt, etc.) at for an even deeper discount on the upgraded pattern.

Happy Friday, all!

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Fawn Lily + Origami Oasis

Hello, all!  Happy Wednesday!

I've been so looking forward to this post - it's a fabulous coming together of three awesome things... 

2 - Two beautiful Willow and Co. patterns that I've been itchin' to sew
3 - Finally sharing this gorgeous new fabric line from Michael Miller - Origami Oasis!


Stellar lineup, non?!

I have loved the Fawn Lily ever since I first saw it... and then loved it more every time I saw a new one sewn up out on the internets. It's just so different! So many variations + fabric combo possibilities.

So I jumped at the chance to sew my own version for Frances Suzanne's Flip This Pattern - September Showcase. This Showcase is
"No competition. Just a “show and share” of sorts….getting the word out about some pretty amazing patterns by Rising Indie Designers. You will see a combination of FLIPPED and UNFLIPPED versions of the showcased patterns, as well as featured designers showcasing one another’s patterns throughout the series. How cool is that?"
 Very, that's how!

The Fawn Lily was everything that you've heard - fun, easy, and freaking wicked smart. Standing ovation for Rebecca, the pattern's creator!

I sewed a size 4t just-below-the-knee length, for my taller 4.5 year old, and it hits just where I was hoping it would, right at her knee. I love everything about this dress but it's the shape especially that I am drawn to. The contoured cap sleeves, the perfectly flared skirt - it's just delicious, all of it.

Surely by now you're saying what is this bright, wild fabric!?  Let me tell'ya!

It's a brand new line called Origami Oasis, designed by Tamara Kate for Michael Miller Fabrics.  Tamara contacted me a few months ago asking if I'd be interested in sewing up some of her gorgeous new fabric in exchange for the Shandiin pattern. Um hashtag yes. See Tamara's Shandiin in Origami Oasis HERE. So cool. 

Origami Oasis comes in a bold colorway (the one I've sewn here), a warmer colorway (in the graphic above), and in a black and white. Please, click over to see them - I HAVE to get some of that graphic black and white. Look at this quilt. I don't even quilt. Look at this shirtdress!!!

Tamara Kate on Origami Oasis:
Inspired by an afternoon with my daughter making a menagerie of origami creatures, I created this world of wonders where diamonds decorate fantastical birds, flowers form animals' manes and where it's ok to be a little wild. The oasis is a magical place where individuality is celebrated and everyone gets along. So be proud, stand tall and show your colours!

I love that message.  Show our colors, indeed.

I didn't get great shots of Em's new Aster Cardigan - it was a super nice day, so we took advantage and shed layers. I love this sweet pattern to BITS! It's fast, profesh, and stinkin' cute.  There will be heaps more made. Recommend x 1,000.

This Aster is sewn in a size 5, using a nice ponte knit. Em has to wear uniforms to school (did you hear me drop to my knees and wail when I heard that news?), so this collared cardigan in requisite navy is just right. I'm happy there are still some things I can make for her to wear despite the (well-intended) dress policy. 

My pockets.

Have you guys sewn the Fawn Lily?  Leave me a link or a picture in the comments!  If not, might I coerce you with this nice coupon code?

Take 20% off the Fawn Lily Tunic & Dress Pattern with code SHOWCASE20 right here in the Willow & Co. shop!

Scoop up the Aster Cardigan while you're there, too. :)

And, ahem, don't miss this enormous giveaway!  Thank you, Frances Suzanne!

Have a great day, guys! Happy sewing!

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Galactic Cosi Swimsuit

Hello, and Happy Friday!

Today's an awesome day - it's COSI DAY!

When I first started seeing bits and pieces of the Cosi Swimsuit pattern coming together over on Suz's blog SewPony, I was SO. PUMPED. UP.  I had never had the desire to make Em a bathing suit until I saw this one.  It's just perfect!

Two super huge bummers to get out of the way.  One: my serger is in a bad, bad way and it ate my first Cosi. I need to get it tuned up before I ruin another thing!  Two: 5 minutes before this photo shoot, Em tripped knee first at about 30mph into a wrought iron candle stand (no lit candles involved!) and she was despondent. She wasn't hurt badly, but... you know. 4 years old. The struggle is real.

So that said, I did't get many pictures at all!  And I didn't successfully make the 3 Cosi's I planned to.  Le sigh. 

But this is no reflection on the pattern, which is truly fantastic.  It's actually like 10+ patterns in one!  The amount of style combinations you can put together to make your Cosi is bananas.  See:


For my super-simple halter version, I used this amazing galactic Lycra print from Spandex World.  The quality is so so nice ad substantial, and this particular print comes in other colorways!  The suit is lined with a super soft swimwear lining from The Fabric Fairy - another great source for swim fabrics.

The Cosi has wonderfully thorough instructions, and the pattern itself is drafted to perfection.  The fit of this suit!?  I couldn't believe it actually fit better than some store-bought suits Em has - and I MADE IT! There is nothing more satisfying than that. 

Nursing her wound, poor dear.

In the weeks leading up to this patterns' release, I gathered a respectable collection of swimwear fabrics, and made so many Cosi plans.  Once I get my act together, there will be many more of these puppies!  I'll be sure to share them. :)

I can't urge you enough to give this pattern a shot!  Suz has made swimsuit-making foolproof.  You can do it!  And don't let my serger woes scare you... you actually don't even need to use one - I am just a glutton for punishment it would seem.

Suz has also been kind enough to offer a coupon code - COSITOUR15 - for 15% off through the end of the Cosi Tour (psst, that's today!).  Head to the SewPony Vintage pattern shop and grab your copy!  Thank you, Suz!

And do check out the other, less grouchy/mortally wounded Tour participants:

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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A Retro Rucksack!

Hello, and happy Wednesday!
Today I am pumped to be sharing with you my version of Radiant Home Studio's Retro Rucksack!

Retro Rucksack Inspiration Tour | Radiant Home Studio

I love this bag!  I am not a bag maker by any stretch (I've made one tote bag), so when Sara of Radiant Home Studio asked me if I'd be interested in joining her blog tour, I really had to think about it!  I didn't want to do her a disservice by destroying her gorgeous pattern.  But the style really appealed to me, so I quickly signed up and put m'big girl pants on.

So happy I did. Between the design and the built-tough construction of this bag, I can safely say it's going to get tons of use!  We're going camping this weekend, and I am stoked to stuff this bag full of... anything! Everything!

The lower fabric is a vinyl called Nassimi Vibe. It's discontinued, so if you want some, act fast!  I love how it looks like a woven fabric but it has the durability of vinyl.  The main floral fabric (brown + florals AGAIN SARAH?! Lol :) is an out-of-print Waverly fabric from the remnant bin at the retail store of the company I work for -! It's truly hazardous heavenly to work there.

Speaking of ALL THE FLORALS, we're having a sale! All floral fabrics are 15% off until July 21st. I'm not asked to advertise these things, just love my job and want to share the awesomeness with you.  Get the florals before I do.

The amazing hardware is from  That transaction was smooth as silk.  They had everything I needed and it arrived super fast.  Will visit them again for sure!

The brown cotton webbing is from this lovely Etsy shop. Another smooth transaction there.  I had also purchased the wider width brown webbing from the same shop for the bags' shoulder straps, but when I sat it all together, it was too much brown. Even for me hahaha. 

So I hemmed and hawed about what to use for those backpack style straps, until I set eyes on my yoga strap.  Ha!  It was the perfect accent to the light grey/blue subtleties in the floral print. It was also exactly the width and length called for in the pattern.  What the what?!  LOVE. IT! Sorry not sorry, yoga strap.

Huge amounts of space.

Recessed zipper to keep all your things safe.

Pockets on either side, perfect for a phone or compact umbrella. So cool.

I failed to get pictures of the inside (DAH!!!), but it's got two perfect pockets - one a large, stabilized patch pocket (ideal for a tablet or book), and the other an easy to install zipped pocket.  Perfection.

I am loving this bag, guys!  It was not hard to make at all - it was smooth and so rewarding! Pick up your copy HERE, and make an awesome rucksack!

Make sure you visit the other stops on the tour - so much creativity, and not a single bag looks alike!

Retro Rucksack Inspiration Tour:

 Tuesday, July 15th Quarter Incher || Dandelion Drift 
 Wednesday, July 16th Glitter + Wit || EmmylouBeeDoo 
 Thursday, July 17th Casa Crafty || Behind the Hedgerow 
 Friday, July 18th SewVery || Raspberry Sunshine 
 Saturday, July 19th Mia's Creations || Made By Sara

Have a good day, guys!
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