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We're Friends!

Me and the Singer, that is!

Ahh, how GOOD it feels to be sewing again!  After all the hemming (pun intended) and hawing, I LOVE this machine.  We have officially made nice.  For proof, see Prudent Baby Baby Pants, V2.0, below:
[disclaimer: my photography at the moment, is sh*tty, at best]

Scrumptious Limited stretch-corduroy pants that used to be mine.

Little tag!  Ah!

This pic is a note-to-self to save up for a new flippen camera!

For these pants I used an older pair of Limited cords I got pre-baby.  Funny thing is - they fit like Mom Jeans then, and fit better after I had the Loubeedoo.  Nonetheless, they still fit funny, and I wasn't ever going to wear them.  Perfect candidate for Lou Pants!

Love them!  And they fit her!  And she wore them all day today!


  1. And she looked adorable in them! Glad you made friends with the Singer.



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