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Cutest Halloween Costume EVARRRR.

If I do say so myself!

A stinkin' giraffe with a stinkin' denim vest!  :D

I am pretty proud of myself for having this costume already cut out and ready to sew.  If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know that I had this beast cut out in SEPTEMBER!  Huzzah!

It has one million pattern pieces, so I knew I needed to give myself plenty of time.  Not to mention I'm working with that crazy faux-fur business.  What a hot mess that makes.  I think it's going to be worth it though!  I am going to put lots of loving care into sewing this one up so that Emmy can wear if for dress up for a good long while.  :)

Here is the pattern, btw:

Simplicity 1766
I'll show it to you guys as soon as it's done!


In other news, I'm adding some awesome new items to LouBeeClothing in the next few days!

The first is this cowl-neck skinny sweater:

This green version was the final test run.  The 2 actual fabrics that this sweater will be offered in are freaking awesome - I can't wait until you see them!  I'm keeping it a surprise until then, though!  :)

Check the Shop, or follow me on Facebook to see the new items coming into the collection!

This picture is so 'portrait studio'. I love it.

Cheers, yall!  I hope you're having a lovely October!

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