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Swiss Dot September Tunic

Hey guys!  Happy Thursday!

And happy September!  Can't believe we're at fall's doorstep! I love it - fall and winter are my FAVES.  Crock-pots and leaves and snow and sweaters and boots and apple everything.  Love. It.

So to welcome the glorious autumn, I made a September Tunic - a pattern from Too Sweets

This pattern caught my eye right away when it was released not too long ago.  That silhouette is so precious, but without being *too* precious.  Just my style!

I'm sort of torn up about something though... It seems as though the days of my sewing things for Emmy in 2Ts and 3Ts are quickly coming to an end.  This tunic is a 3T, and it's a little small for my girl who's sprouting like WHOA lately.  Sigh.  It's still adorable, and I will make another, just in a size... gulp... 4.

So stinkin' cute.

Here's the Too Sweets version that I went gaga for:

I adore the slouchy/relaxed look, the high neckline, and the adorable button back.  I recently got a few different colors of Swiss dot from Denver Fabrics, and I imagined this grey would be a glllllllorious mate for this pattern.  I think it came out pretty special!  Too Sweets patterns are always a very easy sew, and I recommend them super highly!

The aforesaid adorable button back:

They're like faux-crystal.  I got them at Jo-Ann a few months ago for zero reason at all except for LOOK AT THEM.

So that's my September Tunic!  I love love love it, and once I finish quietly weeping in a corner, I'll make Em another, one size up.  :) 

Stay tuned for some pretty awesome things coming down the pipeline this month!  There'll be news from LouBeeClothing, some selfish sewing, and perhaps a really big pattern bundle to talk about!

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  1. I love this fabric! It's perfect for the adorable top! And she is growing! Sad when your baby just keeps getting bigger, right?

    1. Oh, SO sad! I can't handle :)

      I love this fabric, too! So great for the transitional seasons!

      Thank you, April!!! :D

  2. This is SO CUTE, Sarah!!! Love your fabric choice, and my daughter may even wear something subdued like this if I bribed her with pretty buttons!

    1. Thank YOU, Monica! :D

      Yes, snazzy buttons - can't hurt, right?!

  3. L O V E this, Sarah! I am totally off to buy this pattern...thanks for the inspiration. Also, I kid you not, I had this fabric in a shopping cart (online) last night and decided against it last minute! Kicking myself of course!

    1. Awesome, Erin! Glad to inspire!

      They still have this same fabric in stock! GO! :D

  4. this fabric . . . this pattern . . . just perfect together!! Beautiful job!

  5. Oh MY! Love this post.
    I'm from the other hemisphere and September to me is sad because is Spring there and all is growing and feel homesick. Your description about autumn sounds good to me, apple everything, how fun and yummy!!
    About the tunic, is wonderful. Is a great fabric, great pattern, great tunic and great model!!
    And forgot, those shoes... Haha I love all!!

  6. This is beautiful, Sarah! Perfect fabric choice. Love!

  7. So cute!!! Again beautiful fabric choice, it is perfect for this tunic!

  8. Beautiful top! I was wondering if you could give some advice on the sizing of the chest and sleeves in the 3T version you finished. I've sewn the Circle Tank pattern from Too Sweets and it was WAY small in the chest for my 2T gal. I had to scratch it and make another in a 3T which was still a bit snug. Do you know the finished size of the chest and sleeve circumference (at armpit area) for the 3T?

  9. Do you remember the name for the color of this swiss dot? I love it and need some!

  10. adorable! my days of sewing for those little sizes are over!

  11. Of course I love this, too! Just reminded me of some vintage navy swiss dot I bought at a garage sale last year. Hope there is enough to make Ella a September Tunic!

  12. Jodi Renee RedmondOctober 9, 2014 at 1:50 PM

    If, at any point, you want to sell some of that 3T stuff, please do contact me. I have a little girl and just adore stuff like this.



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