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Tuesday Temptations

This week I'm thinking function!

I want my new sewing room to be super organized and easy to work in.  So here are a few things I think will totally help make my sewing room easy to work in AND ultra organized!

My ironing board cover is super gnarly.  I've had one or two several Heat'n'Bond incidents over the course, so my current cover does not a lovely sewing room accent make.
  I'll spare you the visual.  Here is a scrumptious remedy from The Cupcake Goddess:

The Cupcake Goddess - Ironing Board Cover Tutorial

Since my new sewing room is scant on square footage, I need to get creative.  I can only fit so many desks, shelves, and ironing boards.  What to do?  Use the walls!  I LOVE this idea from The Mother Huddle - it's ingenious and will help me store and organize all the things that would normally clutter up my desk:

The Mother Huddle - Hanging Fabric Baskets

Seeing as how Emmy is oft covered from the knees down in thread and scraps, I believe it's high time to keep a tidier workspace.  That means blowing with all my might the flotsam and jetsam of a project off the desk is no longer going to be the way I 'clean'.  So this awesome little friend from Sew, Mama, Sew could be the perfect solution!  It's a weighted pincushion with a scrap/thread basket and little pockets for snips and the like.  Genius!  Here is Anna from Noodleheads' gorgeous version.  I LOVE it, and no more scrappy child underfoot! :)

Noodlehead - Weighted Pincushion

So those are this weeks Temptations!  I do believe I will be making ALL of them!

Love to all!  And stay tuned for a new tutorial later today!  :D 

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