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Fancy-Up Your Hosh Pants - Final Day!

Hello, and happy day to you!

So finally, here is the very last installment of......

It was such a fun week seeing everyone's awesome Hosh re-makes!  Today, I'll show you what I did to fancy-up MY Hosh!


GAP pants here.

Yep - I hacked GAP pants!

I am still DYING that these pants are like literally the exact same color as the GAP version.  How the?  What the?!?

I made these cuffed Hosh Pants using stretch twill from my local Joann Store.  They have had amaaaazing stretch bottom weights lately!  Three cheers for that.

Slightly off topic, but relevant - I always cut Emmy's Hosh Pants in a size 2t through the waist and hips, then blend out the 3t length.  She is not average (she's tall and narrow), so I have to adjust for that.  I encourage you to play with your patterns in this manner, especially this pattern - with just one main pattern piece, you can get a good fit with just a couple easy adjustments!

I added one inch to the bottom of the pattern, and a half inch to each side - from the bottom up to about knee-height, blending into the curves.  Easy peasy!

Then I tacked the cuff down with a bright coralish thread (can you even see that?  Way to not take a pic, self).

I'm really glad I made these because Emmy has a drawer full of crazy-patterned Hosh - we needed some neutrals in a bad way! And I think the cuffed look is just so stinkin' cute for Spring.

So there you have it!  My Fancy-up Your Hosh Pants GAP Hack!

Emmy ordering me back to my photog corner after daaaring to touch her hair:


Thank you all so much for checking out my mini series!  Please go give these ladies some love, and check out any Hosh Hacks you may have missed!  I Love these gals. :)

Have a great rest of your week, everyone!

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  1. Look at her in those little cuffs! I love it!

  2. Ahhh she is so cute!!! LOVE the cuffs and the color.

  3. Great minds must think alike, Sarah! You made real cuffs and I made a faux one! Love the solid color and what a great fit!

  4. These look SO good!!! This pattern is so versatile.

  5. hahahaahh how DARE you get out of your photographer's corner??? WHAT IS THIS? I love these so much!



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