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KCW and New Pattern Preview

Good morning!

Exciting news today...  Kids Clothes Week Spring 2014 is just around the corner - next week to be precise!  LouBeeClothing is an official sponsor for this edition, and I am PSYCHED.

Psyched not only to be a sponsor of this glorious quarterly sew-all-the-things bonanza, but to also announce that my newest pattern - the Shandiin Tank & Tunic is in testing and will be released next week!

Take a peek:

The Shandiin (Navajo for 'sunshine') is a tank or tunic (or dress!) with options like a button front, solid front, elasticized hem, drawstring hem, and HEAPS of fabric-combining possibilities.  It will be a Summer staple!

I will share pics of other variations, and some *adorable* tester shots next week.
I'm so excited about this one, guys!

And the Kids Clothes Week blog is hosting a giveaway for, among loads of other things, my entire pattern collection - all 4!  Doli, Hosh, Bimaa, and Shandiin!  You can enter to win those, and goodies from all of these fab sponsors:

Cheers, all!  Happy sewing!
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  1. Love it and can't wait to see all the other variations. I guess open back tops and dresses will be the popular design feature this summer!

  2. Can't wait to see all the variations. This sneak peek is adorable!! My little lady will definitely be rocking this pattern this summer!

  3. You have been one busy bee that's for sure!! I am adoring this top and cannot wait until you release it. Super excited that you are sponsoring KCW too!

  4. oh this is just wonderful! can't wait to see more :)

  5. Loving the design! Been seeing sneak peaks around and can't wait to see it released :D

  6. I keep checking every day to see if it's been released- so cute!! And I can't wait to start cranking them out for summer!

  7. Oh, Bethany I am sorry for the delay! It's nearly impossible for me to work on patterns during the week. Full time job and life and all that! This weekend, for sure!

  8. Oh no pressure at all- just wanted you to know how excited I am for another of your fabulous patterns! ;)



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