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Ananda Pants and Undies - Two More Sew Fab Patterns!

This post contains affiliate links.  When you purchase the Sew Fab Bundle through those links, I earn a percentage of the sale.  Thank you so much for supporting the Sew Fab Sale and LouBeeClothing!


Hello, and happy weekend everyone!

Well the Sew Fab sale is coming to an end (tomorrow!), and today I have two final things to show you!  And before anyone gets to thinking I am an animal and have sewn all these things this week - no no no no!  I've been working on these for weeks!  Being a designer in the bundle, I was given access to the patterns early on, before the sale went live to the public.  So as soon as I got it, I got to work!  Not a machine over here, I swear.  :)

Today I have two patterns to share, the first is the Ananda Pants from Chopstix patterns!

The Ananda Pants are a great yoga-style pant that you can make in sizes 2 through 9/10.

They are a very easy sew - a great project to introduce yourself to sewing with knits if you are so inclined!  They are a nice long, wide leg pant with a super comfortable fold-over waistband.  They're just the perfect loungin' pants!  Emmy loves hers, and she'll be getting more pairs, absolutely!  These came out a bit too long on my girl, but we don't care at all - much rather too long than too short on small growing people!  These will fit her for at least another year.  Talk about return on investment!

That's the thing about this bundle - there are so many patterns, in so many size ranges.  You can use this bundle as a sewing resource for literally YEARS to come.  If you've been on the fence about buying, I can't recommend this sale bundle highly enough.  It is so good!

For this pair of Anandas, I used a knit with sweet sparkly stars on it!  You can still get the fabric here at Denver Fabrics!  For the waistband, I wasn't sure if those stars would irritate Emmy's skin - they're not scratchy at all, but three year olds, ya know?  Who knows.  :)  So I cut a second waistband out of this silver rayon knit (also available here), and essentially lined the waistband piece.  Now only the rayon knit comes in contact with her skin.  I want these pants so bad haha!

The Ananda Pants are a part of the Sew Fab bundle - a collection of 26 patterns for just $29.95.  It's a bargain of epic proportions - something like $1.15 per pattern?!?!

And read more about it HERE.

The master of awkward rear-views, doing what she does best...

We love love love our Ananda pants!  She's been wearing them all weekend and they are so stinkin adorable to boot.

The next and final thing I have to show you is UNDIES!

For reasons, I didn't have Em model these, but they are so great!  I made these 4 pairs in one sitting!  So so so fast.  And for fabric you can use tee shirts, tank tops, scraps of a beloved fabric...  The Undies pattern from The Red Kitchen is awesome.  And Katie (of The Red Kitchen) recently posted about how to use fold over elastic to finish the edges!  This will definitely be another pattern that keeps on giving.

The Undies Pattern is just one more amazing pattern you can find in the Sew Fab Bundle.  Check it out in full detail HERE!

So that's EVERYTHING, guys!

If you missed anything and want to check it out, all the Sew Fab posts are here.

I hope you've been able to take advantage of this amazing deal!  It's been such a pleasure to be a part of this, and I've been in awe seeing all the the Bimaa Sweaters popping up all over the place!  It's surreal, and I'm so proud and so grateful.  :)

STAY TUNED you guys - because guess what's happening tomorrow?

Yes, that.  THAT begins tomorrow!!!

Have a great rest of your weekend, all!

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  1. Love those little undies! And the Amanda pants look so comfy too!

  2. So cute!! That settles it....I'm buying this bundle! I've loved everything you shared this week.
    I can't wait for the Bimma sweater have some really awesome ladies on the tour! And now I can sew along with my own copy :)



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