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Wicked Important Announcement, Guys


So, after my last Bimaa Sweater update, it has come to my attention that the grade of my sleeve cap was still slightly off.  Though, this has been a tricky fix.  It seems as though the mismeasurement is only evident in the larger sizes- the 5 & 6 - and only obvious in certain fabrics. Oye.  But, it WAS still off, and fixing it was important to me.  I love my patterns, and I want you to love them as well.


If you have experienced armscye fitting issues with the Bimaa in sizes 5 or 6 - I have remeasured, regraded, and redigitized the pattern to reflect these adjustments, and I will provide these changes to you via a new copy of the amended pattern.

Email me at if you have encountered these fitting issues, and include your PayPal email address (or whichever email is associated with your purchase) so I can verify your purchase.  I will send you the new file - there are only three pages that you'd need to reprint/retrace, and I will provide that printing information in the email I send you.

Thank you guys SO MUCH for your support and love for this pattern.  If you ask my closest buddies, this pattern is my baby - my favorite of my patterns.  I want to see it shine, and want you guys to get as much satisfaction out of it as I do.

Much, much love,

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  1. That's awesome that you are so on top of fixing issues, I totally look for this when I'm considering who to buy patterns from& will definitely recommend you to others. <3


  2. This makes me want to buy the hoodie! It is very much appreciated when designers provide a quality pattern and customer service.

  3. Love the pink leggings! do you have a pattern for sale! thanks!



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