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The Bimaa Tour - Caila Made & Sew Pony

Goooood morning!

OMG your guys.  The Bimaa Sweater Pattern Tour is rocking my socks.  What's been your favorite so far?!  Can you even choose?!  :D

Today we're plugging right along, except with three tons of extra adorable today.  All have been adorable thus far, but today is just insanity.

First is Caila of Caila Made!  Caila makes gorgeous clothing for her children, and I absolutely love her cool style.  Her blog is full of beautiful photography (of her beautiful blonde babes!) and a slew of tutorials - I'd like to try the paper bag dress in particular!  Caila's Bimaa is sooo stinkin' cute!  Check it out!

Next up is Suz of Sew Pony, and her impossibly cute models!  Suz is another impeccable seamstress (proof here), and I am so happy to have become blog friends with her.  Her Debbie's Birthday Dress pattern is on my list for Kids Clothes Week next week!  LOOK at the Bimaa's Suz has made!

So awesome, this tour.  I can't believe all these lovely ladies are making my pattern. :)

Check back tomorrow for more cuddly goodness!

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  1. Thanks so much for having me Sarah and for your lovely comments!!



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