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The Bimaa Tour - Kitschy Coo & Sew A Straight Line


(HUGE PUBLIC APOLOGIES to Amanda and Sabra for being so late in getting this post up.  I am fifty shades of hot mess today, and I am so sorry.  Please readers -show these guys some extra love, ok? :)

The Bima Sweater pattern tour rolls on today! With two more super talented ladies, no less! 
First up is Amanda of Kitschy Coo. Amanda, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in real life this past summer (!!!), is the brilliant mind behind such patterns as the Skater Dress and the Lady Skater.  I adore Amanda - you will too, if you don't already.  LOOK at what she's done with her Bimma!:

Next up is Sabra of Sew A Straight Line!  This lucky lady has the most adorable children I can't even.  Sabra is also an incredibly talented seamstress (she's made skinny jeans, people. For herself.)  I love all things Sew A Straight Line, including these two awesome Bimaa's!

Thank you so much Sabra and Amanda, and again - so sorry!

Come back tomorrow for the second to last Bimaa Day!
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