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The Bimaa Tour - Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts & Max-California

Top o' the morning, friends!  

Today the Bimaa Sweater Pattern Tour has gone wild.  Totally and adorably wild.

First stop on the OMG SO CUTE Safari is Stacey of Boy, oh Boy, oh Boy Crafts!  Stacey makes the coolest things for her sons - a task I imagine can get pretty difficult!  But she constantly creates fresh new things, and sews for herself, too!  While you're checking out her Bimaa, read about Stacey's upcoming Scandinavian Sewing Series!

Next up is Ari from Max-California!  This is one of the most creative ladies I know right here.  She knows how to use what she has, and how to make it incredible!  Ari has been a pattern tester for (I think..?) all of my patterns, and is a friend of most dear proportions!  Lucky lady has a pair of adorable babes to sew for - check out her RAWR Bimaas!

What another awesome Bimaa Tour day!  Thank you all for following along... impressive so far, eh?!

Stay tuned for tomorrows Bimaa shenanigans!

Have a great day, all!!!

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