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Sorry for another lengthy absence, friends!  This mess happened:

I'm in that circle there.  We were out of power for SIX FREAKING DAYS.  That's longer than the tornado.

Long story short, we got hit by a big epic snowstorm before the trees had time to drop all their leaves.  So pretty much every tree within a hundred mile radius (probably more, actually) is half of what it was a few weeks ago.  I think Mother Nature is trying to eradicate us.  Fo realz.

But since there have been trees falling all around me for months, I figured, Hey!  Let's make something outta all this timber!  Here's a sneak peek - I'll write a non-half-assed post about it here soon.  I've had no crafty/bloggy mojo lately - too much going on.  But trust, I'll be back.  Always am. :)

LOVE to all!


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