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Scandinavian Style!

Good morning, and welcome Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts readers!

I am super excited to be a part of the Scandinavian Style Sewing Series!

I'll be honest - even though I was so thrilled to be asked to be a part of this series, I didn't know the first (or second, or third) thing about Scandinavian style.  Not one thing.

So I consulted homegirl Amanda who knows heaps about Scandinavian style, and I made sure to stay tuned in to Stacey's Scandi Pinterest board.  Over the course of a few weeks, I came up with this complete outfit for Em!

I was really inspired by all of the simple separates, the not-too-girly girl fashions, the fun and colorful prints, the great use of black, and the super cool outerwear I was seeing.  These two photos below became my main inspirations:


So cute, right?!  So here's the details!

The cape: I used Andrea's Go-To Cape for Girls, and I LOVE IT. This was such fun to sew!  The outer fabric is an amazing medium weight wool coating from Denver Fabrics (which I purchased to make a jacket for myself - fail), and the lining is a plum colored rayon with a subtle woven-in texture (that I failed to get a picture of, ehhhh). I squared off the hood pattern piece to add a little bit more magical woodland fairy sprite-ness to the cape.  Or, 'she looks like a gnome', as the hubs more concisely put it.

The skirt:  Easy peasy!!!  Two rectangles - one 7" x 38", one 9" x 38", slap together, make an elastic casing, insert elastic, narrow rolled hems, done.  BOOM.  If I make another like this (I think I will!), it'll be fuller and it'll have pockets!  This fabric is a super soft lightweight linen/wool blend from the stash.  Hurrah for stash-busting, and quick skirts!

The tee: It's a Bimaa/Skater Dress love child, y'all!  More precisely, it's a Bimaa with a Skater Dress neckline - a pretty sweet one-two punch if I do say so!  The fabric is also via my Scandi-tutor Kitschy Coo, and it's literally the highest quality knit I've ever had the pleasure to sew with.  Treat yourself if ever you can - it is so incredibly worth it!

The tights are from Target (MUST OWN ALL THE TARGET TIGHTS ARRHHGG), and the boots are from Kohls. 

So there it is, my Scandinavian Style look!  I'm really, really proud of this outfit, and Emmylou loves it as well.  She's going to get so much wear out of all three of these pieces, so that's a win for both of us!

There are some incredibly talented and stylish folk in this series - do head over to Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts to check them out!  And thanks again Stacey for having me!  This was awesome.  :)

Love to all!

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A Tote and a Coupon!

Hey guys!  Long time no blog, ey?!
I'm still here - just needed a breather.  I have things to show you!
My friend Kelley from Casa Crafty had a super cool idea - she would send a fat quarter of laminated Echino (from her shop here!) to a handful of sewist, and they could make anything!

I made a big ol' TOTE!

I chose this gorgeous aqua print laminate - it was love at first sight.  I paired it with a natural canvas and a faux leather vinyl - both from my new place of employ -!  YES! I work at a fabric store these days!  It's heaven.... :)

Close up:  How magical is this laminated Echino?!

The inside is this gray woodgrain twill that I unintentionally cut in the wrong direction. STILL LOVE IT.
And the handles are also from my new job!  They are cotton webbing found here.  It is SO DANGEROUS to work among so much fabric, but it's also really awesome - I'm learning so much about fabrics I knew nothing about before! 

So there is my fun new tote!  So handy, and so durable with these fabrics! I needed a tote bag, and one is extra awesome thanks to Kelleys fabric!
Kelley has super generously offered you guys 25% your entire purchase from the Casa Crafty Shop with code

good through the end of the month!  How awesome is that!?

I have more to share with you guys this week, so I'll be around! How you're all having and great autumn!
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