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A Tote and a Coupon!

Hey guys!  Long time no blog, ey?!
I'm still here - just needed a breather.  I have things to show you!
My friend Kelley from Casa Crafty had a super cool idea - she would send a fat quarter of laminated Echino (from her shop here!) to a handful of sewist, and they could make anything!

I made a big ol' TOTE!

I chose this gorgeous aqua print laminate - it was love at first sight.  I paired it with a natural canvas and a faux leather vinyl - both from my new place of employ -!  YES! I work at a fabric store these days!  It's heaven.... :)

Close up:  How magical is this laminated Echino?!

The inside is this gray woodgrain twill that I unintentionally cut in the wrong direction. STILL LOVE IT.
And the handles are also from my new job!  They are cotton webbing found here.  It is SO DANGEROUS to work among so much fabric, but it's also really awesome - I'm learning so much about fabrics I knew nothing about before! 

So there is my fun new tote!  So handy, and so durable with these fabrics! I needed a tote bag, and one is extra awesome thanks to Kelleys fabric!
Kelley has super generously offered you guys 25% your entire purchase from the Casa Crafty Shop with code

good through the end of the month!  How awesome is that!?

I have more to share with you guys this week, so I'll be around! How you're all having and great autumn!
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  1. It's like you rolled around in a big steaming pile of awesome and now I just caught a whiff and want to do the same D:

  2. Great to have you back :) The echino is lovely paired with the faux leather!



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