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Kids Clothes Week - Days 5, 6 and 7!


I can't believe Kids Clothes Week is officially over!  What a whirlwind.   I'll do a recap post next week to show you in more detail what I whipped up!  :) 

Here's what I worked on the last few days of KCW!  
This is the ridiculously adorable Ballet Sweater from Heidi & Finn.

The cuteness!

Here it is hanging up, looking like weird pants: 

Emmy loves this sweater!  She just started gymnastics (squee!) so this will come in so handy on cool mornings when we head into the gym.  It's so great because it's a mock-wrap - easy on, easy off!  No fuss at'all.  I'll be making more of these, you can count on that!

This one is sewn in a space-dyed sweater knit, from where I can't recall!  I'm getting so bad at that, I need to start keeping better track of where I procure my fabs.  Yeah, me and fabric are so tight, we have nicknames for each other.  

Then, in between all the kids sewing, I snuck in a little selfish-sewing pattern test for Sew Much Ado!  Stay tuned for THAT action.  I wore this top all day yesterday, then to work today.  Yeah.  It's good.  

Then, since my serger was still loaded with grey thread from the sweater (lol), I opted to make ONE MORE Skater Dress!  This is number 4, people.  Here's one and two, and here's three.

This one is in a slinky grey knit, with neon yellow lightweight sweater knit binding:

This dress.  THIS. DRESS.  I can't say enough about it and it's designer, Amanda.
The Skater Dress is the dress for us.  Not frilly, yet still feminine; not hard to make, yet still great-looking.  Best dress ever.  

So that's a wrap!  I had so much fun participating in Kids Clothes Week this season, and I can't wait to do it again.  I was so much more productive just in knowing it was coming - I cut out so many things in preparation!  I've still got things to sew!  Ari has dubbed it Kids Clothes Millennium and I think that sounds about right! 

Come back tomorrow for another round-up of awesome LouBeeClothing sightings from around the interwebs!  SO thrilling to see them popping up!

Love to alllllllllll,

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Kids Clothes Week - Days 3 & 4!

Good morning, all!

So, here is Kids Clothes Week, days three and four.  I've been super tired this week, so I didn't try and force myself into any one-night-marathon sewing... Slow and steady, right??!  :)

But slow and steady resulted in this super cute Skater Dress!

Love it!  

Like the other Skater Dresses I've made, I added a sort of faux piping along the waist seam:

Neato, right?!

This fabric is from Denver Fabrics, and I can't remember exactly what it is... it's either modal, bamboo, or rayon Lycra - but whatever it is, it's soft as ALL GET OUT.  

I love this pattern so much, can't recommend it enough!
The amazing Amanda is even working on a big girl Skater Dress tooooooo!!!!  :D
Ok peeps, gotta run!  Happy sewing!
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Kids Clothes Week - Day 2!

Good day, all!  Happy day two of Kids Clothes Week!

I have to keep things short and sweet again, so here is day two's offering!  

It's a cloudy, dark day here in Massachusetts, so no matter WHEN I took these photos they weren't going to be great!  Ehh, win some, lose some.  :)

This is the fantastic Roly Poly Pinafore from Imagine Gnats!
It's such a great pattern.  It's fast, and it showcases your fabric without any fuss - my DREAM pattern.

Also - It's reversible!  TWO TOPS IN ONE!  Less laundry, amiright?!


I already have a second one of these cut out, so I'll do a more detailed post once Kids Clothes Week is wrapped... I truly adore this pattern, and will be making several of them!  


Tired model is tired.

Have a good night all!  Hope you're having a blast sewing ALL THE THINGS!

Love to all,
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Kids Clothes Week - Day 1!

Good day, all!

Did everyone get tons of sewing prep done this weekend?!  I know I did!

Let's jump right in!  My KCW posts are going to be short and sweet - I work full-time and usually take all my blog photos on the weekend, so these are going to be over-edited, early morning iPhone pics, k?  K.  :)

This is the Little Pleated Tunic by one of my all-time favorite pattern designers, Heidi & Finn.

Except in lieu of the center pleat, I cut the bottom pattern piece just about in the middle, and spread it apart about 2-3 inches to add side gathers.  Like so:

The fabric is a delicious ivory linen (I think it's a blend though - doesn't winkle as hardcore as 100% linen - hooray).  I bought this fabric at Joann's last summer!  They often have stuff just like this though... Linens or 'linen-look's.  It's such a dream to sew with.  

I love how right now it's a dress, but it will grow with her all summer, and probably be a top NEXT summer!  Excellent!
Ok, happy sewing all!  Gotta go!
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YOUR LouBeeClothing, Kids Clothes Week, and a Coupon!

Happy Friday all!
It's a SUPER happy Friday because this is the last weekend before Kids Clothes Week begins on Monday!
Do you participate in Kids Clothes Week?  I have only dabbled in the past, but this year I am SO PUMPED to make Emmy a ton of clothes for the Spring and Summer.  I have been cutting out patterns all week long, and will be cutting out more this weekend! SO PRODUCTIVE WHEN THERE ARE TIMELINES!

Here's a peek at what I've got in the works:

Top row: Short sleeved Skater Dress; Sleeveless Skater Dress, 3 pairs of Hosh Pants
Bottom row: 2 Roly Poly Pinafores (a soon-to-be-released new pattern by Imagine Gnats!)

Quite the random mash-up, eh?

So, in honor of Kids Clothes Week, I want to offer you a coupon for my Shop, so you too can start preparing for KCW! 

Use code KCW2013 at checkout for 20% off your total purchase of one, two, or all three of my patterns!

This coupon is only good until 10pm Sunday night, EST
Shop here, and happy Kids Clothes Week!


I also want to show you all the fabulous LouBeeClothing creations popping up all over the interwebs!

The HOSH Pants:

Alida Makes



Can you even?!!?  
I am so in love with all of these - and there are more!  But they're holed-up on Instagram, so once I figure out how to get OTHER peoples photos off of IG, I will.  :D

If you've made any LouBeeClothing patterns, hit me up and let me know!  Or add them to the flickr Pool!  I check that neurotically periodically.


Hope you guys have a great weekend, especially if you'll be sewing sewing sewing!

Love to ALL,

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NEW PATTERN: The Doli Tank!

Good morning all!

Today I'm PSYCHED to announce that my third pattern, the Doli Tank is now available in my Shop!

Rayon Challis - Fabric Mart
The Doli (Navajo for 'bluebird') Tank is a perfect Summer tank for your girl.  It has a subtle hi-lo hem, and an exaggerated racer-back.
Cotton Lawn - Denver Fabrics

The fabrics recommended for the Doli Tank are some of the nicest to sew with - cotton voile, lawn, lightweight linen, challis, etc.  Any lightweight woven with some drape will be ideal for this tank. 

Peachskin - Denver Fabrics

 The neck and armholes are finished with rib knit binding, which I walk you through step-by-step with lots of photos.

Rayon Challis - Fabric Mart
So come'on over and check out the Doli Tank!
All of my patterns are now INSTANT DOWNLOAD, too!  How great is that?!
HUGE thank you to my incredibly helpful pattern testers: Amanda, Susan, Ajaire, Ari, Kat, Raych, and Laura!  Thank you ladies so much for the support and input!
Later this week, I'll be posting a roundup of the amazing LouBeeClothing pattern creations that have been popping up across the interwebs!  I'm so excited to see this business growing inch by inch!  So proud!
Love to all,
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