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Things are a bit quiet 'round here, eh?  That's mostly because we're throwing Emmy a super 2nd birthday party this weekend, and we're BUSY changing our basement from frat-house to play room.  No small task, people.  Trust.

But!  I'm also squeezing in a wicked fun new tutorial that will be a part of A Couple of Craft Addicts Serger Series, which starts next week!  Here's a sneak peek at the fabric I'm using...

Eeee!  :D
Orange!  Clouds!  Knit!  I won this fabric in a giveaway (my first time ever winning a giveaway - I used to think those things were hocus pocus) from Kitschy Coo, and I absolutely love it.  The stuff is like buttah.

The new tutorial will be serger-focused, obvi, but it's a project that is completely doable on a sewing machine, too.  I know, you hear that all the time, but I mean it!

So I will be poking back in next week at some point... after all the merry-making winds down.  :)  
Have a good rest of the week all!  Happy Spring!

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  1. Can't WAIT to see it. Love that print.

    1. Yaay! I'm glad you like it! Cannot wait until you series starts! :D

  2. Hi,I'm passing the Versatile Blogger award onto you. Stop by my blog for details :)

  3. Love the fabric ! Cant wait to see the project !

    1. IT'S TOTALLY ADORABLE! If I do say so ;) Will be sharing it later this week!

  4. are going places dear. You have a darling name! A great, clean design. Can't say I can pick a favorite don't really do color. that's the point though, isn't it? I should also say...your blog is easy to read, has great pictures. And I love love! the little animals. you done proud! And come say hi to me occasionally from your up high perch of big blogginess :).

  5. After reading this I think I am going to buy a serger!!!! HAHA! I have been scared to! New followers - love your tuts!!



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