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Infinity Scarf - Southwestern Minty Warmness

Good weekend to you all!

I had a little fit of must-sew-something-immediately yesterday (don't you love that??) so I scanned my fabric shelves for something that wanted to be made into something.  We were going to a fire at a friends house last night, so I guess I might have had bundling up in the back of my mind.  This Navajo-ish, southwestern flannel was all "hey, I want to go to that fire!" and I was all "ok!", so this infinity scarf was born!

So the print is flannel, and I had a small amount of super soft cotton batiste in like the exact same color - just several shades lighter.  I LOVE these fabrics together!  The batiste was just barely sheer, so I sandwiched plain white cotton muslin in between the two, so it would be opaque.  That gave the scarf a really nice weight, it's warm and toasty.

Please excuse the signs of Winter deck neglect...  

I don't have a tutorial for this - there are several great ones out there - no need to reinvent the wheel.  Here are a few that I know of, if you want specific instructions:

H is for Handmade
The Cottage Home
Maybe Matilda
True Bias

Roughly, mine measured (before sewing) 64" x 12".  I had to cut the batiste into two 32ish" x 12" pieces and then I sewed those together to get my 64" piece.  Easy peasy.  I really recommend this project for anyone new to sewing - it's very easy and very fast!  And you can combine really any types of fabric you want to.

Hey I didn't crop my head out!  :)

So there you have it!  A super quick, super warm-yet-springy infinity scarf.  Loves it.

Have a good rest of your weekend all!  I'm going to go poking about in my yard for signs of life because I saw daffodils yesterday when I was driving around.  :)

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  1. I am so glad you didn't crop your head out! It looks great! Thanks for sharing! xoxo- Rachel @

  2. What a great idea and so pretty too:-) I would be honoured if you were to pop over to my linky: It's called SEASONAL CELEBRATION and can be found at Natural Mothers Network
    Rebecca x

  3. would love it if you could share this on my link party

    Natasha xxx

  4. Very, very nice.Looks easy to make, too. That's a plus! That's my sister an my motto. it has to look fabulous but be easy to make. :) Take care, Linda

  5. Stopped into your Pinterest also. Had some fun in there...Linda

  6. your scarf looks so great, I just might need to go sew one for myself now ;) thanks for sharing the links

  7. Very creative ~ love it ~ Love Indian things ~ I know Native American but they don't like that term ~ thanks for sharing ~namaste, Carol ^_^

    1. Thank you! I do too - my husband is native american... he's Navajo! I've always been drawn to southwestern things, him included! :D

  8. Looks perfect for the fire. Love the fabric. Thanks for sharing at our party this week.

  9. This is beautiful! Loving that pattern! Thanks for lining to Stinky first time on your's great!

  10. Its lovely and you look beautiful Sarah xo

  11. Oh my goodness, I love it! I can't wait to go sew it! Thank you for the inspiration!



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