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New Computer & a New Site!

Hey all!

I dropped my laptop off at Staples yesterday, and should have my new one - complete with all of my pictures and music and whatnot  - by Thursday or Friday!  WOOT!

So in the meantime I thought I would just pop in [from my work computer... shh] to tell you about this new site that Tara from The Trendy Treehouse has started!  It's called Make it Sew it Love it!

She's compiling all of the FREE patterns, tutorials and projects from around the CraftBlogosphere!  Great idea, no?!  Aaaand, she has kindly added my Pattern Weights tute, and my Lucky in Love Onesie tute!  Yay!!  Thank you Tara!  Awesome site.  :)
If any of you have anything to add, pop on over there & fill out the contact form!  Easy peasy!

And just because it's adorable, here's a picture of my darling Emmylou eating her first grilled cheese sandwich.

G'day.  :D


Winner Winner!

Good morning all!

So I did the thing (how do people show the results box on their blogs?  Is it like a screen capture thing?), and the winner of the Pillowcase Dress goodies is...

Woohoooo!  Congrats Kristen, I'll be emailing you shortly!
And thank you everyone else for entering the Giftaway! :D

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine friggen' flew by.  Hate when that happens!  But in exciting geek news, I'm getting a new laptop this week!  WOOT!  My old one is self-destructing at an incredible rate of speed, so the time is now.  I'm going to take advantage of the deal at Staples where they transfer all of your files (pics, music, everything!) to the new laptop for free!  That deal goes until April 2nd, if anyone else is in the market. 

Only bummer about that is the turn-over rate at my local Staples is 3 days!  :O 
So I'll be sans computer for the majority of the week.  But, it'll sure be nice to have a computer that doesn't shut itself down with a scary "ZAP!" when you look at it funny.


Have a nice week everyone! 

Love to all,


A Good Dress

I finished my Dress a Girl Around the World dress!

Isn't she pretty!?

I printed out and was planning on using LBG Studios adorable Pillowcase Dress pattern and tutorial, but at the last minute I decided I wanted to make my own pattern.  If I can't make a pillowcase dress from scratch, I don't have much promise as a future pattern designer now do I?  I think it came out SO cute!  Proudface!

It was an easy decision to hack into my precious one yard of Heather Bailey for this dress.  I've been so reluctant to use it, but this was a no brainer.  The best little piece of fabric for the best cause a little piece of fabric could go to.  :)

French seams.  Delish.

Oh, how I love it!

My original plan was to make two of these dresses, but life got in the way over the last couple of weeks - some good life things, like Emmylou turning ONE!, and having family in town, and some bad life things pertaining to the big green ribbon on my side bar :P

And since I have a bazillion new ideas swirling about my head that I want to get moving on, I thought maybe I could pay forward the good.  Here are the bits and pieces of the second dress I was going to make: 

This fabric is a lot brighter in person!  Night time pictures didn't do it any favors...

I'm wondering, lovely readers, would one of yall want to make this dress?  I have the pattern and tutorial all printed out and ready to go.  New thread, new bias tape, pre-washed adorable fabric...

Even the address for where to send the dress when you're done...

The pattern just needs to be taped and cut/traced.

So, whadaya say?

Obviously, you don't have to make this dress... You can do whatever you please!  I just feel the need to do a good thing in exchange for the good that I have in my life.

I'm not even going to call this a Giveaway.  Just a gift between friends. :)

So if you want this little batch of goodies, just leave a comment on this post with a way to get in touch with you if you win!  I'll do that random number thing on Sunday night and announce the winner on Monday!


If you want more info on the cause or to see more finished dresses, head on over to LBG Studios!

LBG studio
Love to all,


Oh, Hi!

Hello friends!

I'm just popping in to let yall know I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth.  I will tell you it's been weird not having anything to link up to the Parties this week!  SADFACE!

Over the weekend we celebrated Emmy's FIRST Birthday!  Crazy!  Here is the princess in all her frilly glory:

No, didn't make her dress.  :)  Made her hair though.

I'll have things to share with you by the weekend.  I've had my arse handed to me this week with non-fun, non-craft related business, so I didn't want to post about nothing (sort of like what I'm doing right now).  Life happens, eh?

On a less bummerific note, did yall see Angry Chickens post the other day about PatternFile?!?!  Dude, it's awesome.  I subscribed and got to filing right away!  I was thisclose to starting an Excel Spreadsheet to keep track of my patterns...  LAME!  The only downside I've noticed so far is that vintage patterns aren't in the database.  And at this point I'd say 40% of my patterns are vintage.  But, no worries really, you can manually add the pattern if it doesn't come up automatically!  Holler!  I love it and I'm just getting started.  Check it out!

Oh, I also added an 'About Me' page up top there finally.
Ok peeps, I'm out.  I'll see you soon :)

Love to all, 


Another-nother Reader Feature!

See Misti's feaure HERE.
See Steph's feature HERE.

Get the Lucky in Love Tutorial HERE.

Another Lucky in Love insprired Reader project!  Check out Ang's fantastic boy version:


Would believe me if I told you this her first 'real' craft project?!  I know!  Check out her full post here.  You have to see the super cute detail she added to the back!

Thank all you gals for making me beam with pride on this Saint Patty's Day!


Happy St. Pat's and Another Reader Feature!

Lucky Emmy :)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone!
It's a gorgeous day up here in New England, and all the Irish eyes are smiling!  :D

I have another Reader Feature to share with you... It comes from Steph at Crafting in the Rain!  She made these super adorable Tees from my Lucky in Love tutorial!  Check'm out!


Ahh!  Look at the pink shamrock with the green heart!  Love it!  Check out her full post here, and tell her I said Hi!  :)

And just one last thing...  This:



Have a beautiful day everyone!



Some Housekeeping

I got no sewing done this past weekend!  The horror!
We have family coming in this week for Emmys FIRST BIRTHDAY (!!?!) so we spent the weekend [talking about] cleaning.  I couldn't justify sitting down at the sewing machine when I have so sososoo much else to do!  Ugh!  Damn you dust kittens lions!
But, I will certainly try to sew up at least 2 pillow case dresses by the end of the week for LBG Studios' cause.  There's still time to participate, so if you're so inclined, check it out here:

LBG studio
In related news, I officially get a FAIL in sew-alongs.  Dof!  Let me sum it up: 
The Marie Skirt:  I'm not totally sure what I did, but the waistband needs to be completely removed and redone.  It's like 3 inches too short around (?).  I would certainly redo it if I thought this skirt was going to be something I'd actually wear.  I shimmied it on to see how it looks and it ain't pretty.  It's not the skirt - I love the skirt - it's just not. ok. on me.  So for now, it's a wadder.  Sorry Regan!  I loved your finished skirts - so inspiring!  Maybe I can get my isht together for your next sew-along. :)
And then oh dear lord, the Vintage sew-along.  FAIL x 10.  My progress?  I've picked a pattern (below).  The time line for that sew-along was January through February.  It's now the Ides of March.  So I'm just granting myself an open-ended extension on this one.
Do yall think this polka dot stretch cotton would be too much for the long-sleeved version of this dress?  I'm tending to think so...  Maybe I'll go sleeveless for Spring.  That way the polka dotness will be less overwhelming, yes?  I just love this fabric - it's so soft & it wants to be a dress.  This dress.

 Plus, what a simple pattern!  If I just got to it, I could probably bump it out in a couple of evenings and get on with my life.  Gah.

And last but certainly not least... The Pendrell!  I think I'm putting this one off because I'm just so excited to make it!  Makes total sense, right?!  Plus, the sew-along is very, very over and my first fabric choice is a little too Wintery.  Enter this spectacular firework-ish poly-charmeuse...  Perfect for Summer!
Pardon the washed-out pic

Maybe it's the 80's kid in me, but I love love neon colors on a white background.  Oh, and the real reason I haven't sewn the Pendrell?  I'm still petrified of silky fabrics.  

Anyone have tips?  I'd love to hear them, 'cause I have sewing to do!  Silk needle?  Stabilizer??  Wash-away or tear-away?!??   I'm dying to hear your advice!

K, see yall later!  I may be absent a lot this week and part of next due to my daughters impending ONEness, but I'll still be stalking all your sites.  :D

Love to all,


Finished Objects in Action!

Happy weekend all!  :D

Here's a few shots of the Lucky in Love Onesie and the Birthday Dress with precious little bodies in them!

I love this big 'ole head :)

On the goooooo!

After taking about 30 pictures of Emmy running around (or sitting, as it were), and getting NO clear shots, I realized that it is absolutely time I learn how to use my fancy camera.  I 'read' the manual, but it's really hard to connect the dots without visual aid.  Enter Kristen Duke.  I purchased her Say NO to Auto! e-book, and it's SO great!  See for yourself here.  I'm going to have it printed and spiral bound at Staples tomorrow!  The nice gal on the phone said it would cost $3.99.  Wha?!?!  Awesome.  So stay tuned for better pictures!  Yay!

Leaving grahams in her wake...

And here is the gorgeous Baby H modeling her new Birthday Dress!  She loves it!  I'm so silly proud.  :)

Princess :)

Sewing for little ones is so rewarding... They just look cute in everything!

See ya later this weekend!  I'm hoping to bump out a few pillowcase dresses for LBG Studios' cause.  Check it out, if you haven't already :)

LBG studio

Love to all,



Hey all!

Just popping to see if yall saw this free pattern from

I get their email newsletter, and this came this morning!  Isn't it fun?!  They're calling it a beginner pattern, so I'm excited to try it out on the serger!

Here's the direct link to download!

Love to all!


Tuesday Temptations

Spring Decorating Edition!

So if Spring's not going to get here on it's blasted own, I'm just going to pretend it's here. :P
Here are some lovely things I've been spying around the interwebs...  They're like a breath of fresh air!


This first one isn't something I saw recently - I actually went looking for it.  A few weeks ago I got 2 bags of Easter/Spring colored pom poms at the Dollar Store without anything really in mind to do with them [that's ok at the Dollar Store, right?].  So I think I'm going to make a pom pom garland out of them!  For Emmys room!  How cute!
Sort of like so:

Teehee!  Source

And I have been crushing on this table runner from Martha for a long, long while.  But the likelihood of me actually making this is slim!  All that bias tape - eek.  Maybe an abridged version? :) 


I adore this pillow from The Mother Huddle!  It's soo sweet!  And I think it'd be adaptable for different sized pillows...  Oh, imagine the fabric combos?!

I don't know 'bout yall, but we are crazy bird people.  Living in New England means alll sorts of fun birds pay us a visit in Spring.  We actually have two real Cherry trees in our backyard - yummy!  So this year I want to make some bird feeders - they can get pretty pricey to buy!  This one from Design*Sponge looks totally doable and cheap!

I think I'll put mine... outside.  Source
So there you have it!  In the Spring spirit now? :)
A happy Tuesday to you!

Love to all,


Birthday Dress

Happy Sunday yall!  I got some sewing done yesterday!  Woot!
I made this little dress for a co-workers' grandbabys' birthday.  Joyce, if you're reading this, this isn't for Haylee.  ;)

Oh, how I love it!

 This dress is McCalls 6055 - a really cute, really easy little frock.  I sewed the green version below, sans bedazzling.


The yoke on this thing was a beast.  I didn't end up sewing it as the instructions called for - I used the method found in Prudent Baby's Snappy Toddler Top.  I've made that top pre-blog with much success, so I just went with what I knew!  It turned out fine, methinks. 

Beast yoke.

I sewed three lines of stitching around the yoke, for what I was hoping would be a cute, boutiquey detail.  I tried to make it all swirly and wavy, but I kept zoning out and sewing straight!  Doof!  So it looks... interesting.  ;)

Detail of my ultra fancy stitching.  lol

I love how this dress came out.  It was a Saturday afternoon well spent.  :)

I hope the birthday girl enjoys it!

Love to all,



Happy almost weekend!  Phew!

Here's a little round-up of some of my favorite printables and Arty bits. 

What are yall crafting or sewing this weekend?  I think I'm going to make a wee dress for a sweet almost-three year old!  Fun!








Love to all, 


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