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Some Housekeeping

I got no sewing done this past weekend!  The horror!
We have family coming in this week for Emmys FIRST BIRTHDAY (!!?!) so we spent the weekend [talking about] cleaning.  I couldn't justify sitting down at the sewing machine when I have so sososoo much else to do!  Ugh!  Damn you dust kittens lions!
But, I will certainly try to sew up at least 2 pillow case dresses by the end of the week for LBG Studios' cause.  There's still time to participate, so if you're so inclined, check it out here:

LBG studio
In related news, I officially get a FAIL in sew-alongs.  Dof!  Let me sum it up: 
The Marie Skirt:  I'm not totally sure what I did, but the waistband needs to be completely removed and redone.  It's like 3 inches too short around (?).  I would certainly redo it if I thought this skirt was going to be something I'd actually wear.  I shimmied it on to see how it looks and it ain't pretty.  It's not the skirt - I love the skirt - it's just not. ok. on me.  So for now, it's a wadder.  Sorry Regan!  I loved your finished skirts - so inspiring!  Maybe I can get my isht together for your next sew-along. :)
And then oh dear lord, the Vintage sew-along.  FAIL x 10.  My progress?  I've picked a pattern (below).  The time line for that sew-along was January through February.  It's now the Ides of March.  So I'm just granting myself an open-ended extension on this one.
Do yall think this polka dot stretch cotton would be too much for the long-sleeved version of this dress?  I'm tending to think so...  Maybe I'll go sleeveless for Spring.  That way the polka dotness will be less overwhelming, yes?  I just love this fabric - it's so soft & it wants to be a dress.  This dress.

 Plus, what a simple pattern!  If I just got to it, I could probably bump it out in a couple of evenings and get on with my life.  Gah.

And last but certainly not least... The Pendrell!  I think I'm putting this one off because I'm just so excited to make it!  Makes total sense, right?!  Plus, the sew-along is very, very over and my first fabric choice is a little too Wintery.  Enter this spectacular firework-ish poly-charmeuse...  Perfect for Summer!
Pardon the washed-out pic

Maybe it's the 80's kid in me, but I love love neon colors on a white background.  Oh, and the real reason I haven't sewn the Pendrell?  I'm still petrified of silky fabrics.  

Anyone have tips?  I'd love to hear them, 'cause I have sewing to do!  Silk needle?  Stabilizer??  Wash-away or tear-away?!??   I'm dying to hear your advice!

K, see yall later!  I may be absent a lot this week and part of next due to my daughters impending ONEness, but I'll still be stalking all your sites.  :D

Love to all,


  1. Well I feel your pain... I myself am quite the sew-crastinator...I desire to make so much more than what actually gets made. Brrr. I have no clue about silky fabrics... But I would definitely go sleeveless with the polka dot fabric. Love it.

  2. Sew-crastinator, love it!

    Yeah, I think sleeveless wins, for sure... And as for the silkies, I guess I just need to dive in head first! :O



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