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Reader Feature!

Ahh!  I have readers!  I have readers who make things I've made!  WoooHOOO!

Check out the haul that Misti made made from my Lucky in Love Onesie Tute!

Fantastic!  I can't get over those dinos!!!  And Misti, your shamrocks came out so cute!  That's actually the color green I was aiming for!  Kudos!

I don't have a 'featured' button because well, I didn't think I'd need one!  But feel free to shout from the rooftops that I think you're awesome.  K?  :)



  1. Yay me !!! Good thing I washed my table pre picture huh LOL . I am in the process of figuring out how to link your blog to mine ... I'm a little technology retarded though *sigh* . I'll figure it out or delete something in the process LOL . Thank God I have back up .

  2. Yay you! If I can help you link, let me know!


  3. I just figured it out actually and linked this to my blog page . I have a few crafty friends so maybe you'll have some new followers .

  4. How do we find Misti's blog? Seems her profile is private. Can you link to her post, too?

  5. Misti does have a blog, but it's private. I think we should start a rally for her to start a public blog ;)

  6. Seriously my blog is blah .. so uncool like yours Sarah . Mostly its " Gunner pooped green today .. HOORAY ! " I WISH I was kidding LOL .... I'm not. Its mostly for family back home to see pictures of the kids and hear what we've done that day since we can't exactly talk to them daily . Start another blog ... um .... ya I'm so backblogging as it is HAHAHA that would be a nightmare ! I'm starting my " chalkboard fridge " project today ( well I sanded some last night but still have a LONG way to go ) . My kids are SO excited !!

  7. Lol, Misti! Well, if you ever decide to start one, I'll totally be your first follower :)



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