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'EmmylouBeeDoo' needs more Emmylou.

So, those of you who got suckered into following my family sewing blog (you know who you are), I owe you an apology.  I haven't posted pictures of Emmy in ages!  Partly because I still haven't read my awesome new cameras' manual - meaning pictures of her are a blur with a delightfully crisp background (?!), and partly because I really enjoy the feedback I get when I post my crafty endeavors.  Selfish?  Maybe.  To be atoned for?  Yes.  

I'd be remiss to say that this excruciatingly long and hard Winter [oh wait, this is New England, it's just plain... Winter] wasn't part of the lapse in Emmy posts... it's impossible to take a 25 inch person out into 48+ inches of snow with grace or fun of any kind.  It's icy, it's dangerous, it's downright crappy.  So my hope is that with her new found legs, and our approaching thaw, we'll soon be out and about and once again enjoying leisurely photo shoots.

So without further ado, here are a few photos from last Spring!  She was a scant 4 months old!  This was that phase where all of her hair fell out like, overnight... remember?

Enjoy. :)

What I love about these pictures is what you don't see... this was when Emmy would only smile at me if I was dancing *at* her.  So behind this camera lens, I'm making a complete clown of myself, and loving it.

Also love that she had green eyes!  Wow, I didn't realize it then how green they were!  Her eyes are still gorge, don't get me wrong - just not Luck-o-the-Irish green. ;)

And Dad, she still clings onto you like that!  Something tells me that is a picture that will repeat itself - often.

And Patty, omg, your manicure is fierce.  Hook me up.

And an uber-special thanks again to Gregg for taking these amazing pictures... they're breathtaking!  Lessons please Gregg??!?!?

Love to ALL!!!

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