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Small Fry Skinny Jeans Pattern Tour

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Hello, and welcome to my stop on the Small Fry Skinny Jeans Pattern Tour!

Before I say anything, I want to let you all know that this pattern is 20% off through the end of the tour - which is this Friday!  So if you want to save on a copy of this EPIC pattern, don't delay.  Use code TOUR20 over here in the Titchy Threads Pattern Shop.

Ok, onward.  I made a pair of jeans.


The Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern from Titchy Threads is incredible.  If you've been following this pattern tour, you'll have that noticed many tourees have commented on how thorough it is.  It truly, truly is.  This is hands down the most in-depth, engaging, challenging garment I have ever made...

And it was SO MUCH FUN! I loved each and every step of the process of putting these pants together.  I would've got them done a lot faster if I hadn't stepped back to admire my handiwork after each step.  Ha!

So profesh!

This amazing fabric is from JoAnn - it's a printed denim with a touch of stretch.  I had bought a half yard a few months ago to make Em a denim skirt.  When I laid eyes on that piece in my stash, I knew instantly that I needed this print for these pants!  I hurried back to JoAnn for more and thank goodness they still had some.  Love it.

I knew going into this that I wanted to take it all the way.  All the bells and whistles.  Full zip fly, jeans button, top stitching, and rivets.  If I'm making the jeans, I'M MAKING THE JEANS.

I had a hell of a time finding the brass rivets though!  I could only find the silver/nickel ones in stores and on Etsy.  I ended up locating them finally through this eCrater shop.  They came within days, so that was awesome.  I couldn't envision silver-toned hardware with this fabric, so I'm psyched it all worked out.

One of many new-to-me skills that Laura (of Titchy Threads and Craftsorming) taught me through this BONANZA of a pattern was inserting a zip fly!  I loved this process - the amount of confidence Laura instills in you along the way through her clear guidance, makes you sure that whatever the next step is - you can do it. Even if it's a tiny zipper in tiny pants.

Which brings me to this lesson learned:
When Laura tells you to get two spools of top stitching thread, you listen to Laura and you get two spools of top stitching thread.  You do not say "no way I'm only making the size 4t there's no way nooooo waaaaaaay."  You do what Laura says, you see:

Skin of my teeth.

Homegirl didn't take these jeans of for two days.  The fit is glorious, the 'skinny' not too skinny, and the length just right with room to sprout.  Emmy will be 4 next week (OMG NO), and these size 4's will probably fit through next Fall, if not just through the rest of this god forsaken Winter.

What do you guys think!  Hot damn, right?!  
I so highly recommend this pattern, especially if you love to learn new skills, and long for the immense pleasure bragging rights awarded you by making a pair of jeans from scratch.  Toot toot!

Remember, don't wait if you want the pattern for 20% off.  This offer is good only through this Friday with code TOUR20 in the Titchy Threads shop.  Worth every penny at 10x full price!

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Have a good day, guys!  Thanks for visiting!

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