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Pompom party (of one)

Emmy putting on lip stain (and Jonas disapproving)

NO SNOW!  :(

Ma'gorgeous babe proudly modeling her Santa Mittens dress :)

Happy Friday, yall!

Have a great weekend and a merry, merry Christmas.
I'm hoping to be back before then to show you Emmy's Christmas Dress  :)

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Santa Mittens Sweater Upcycle

Good day!

So do yall have a huge pile of things waiting to be upcycled, like I do?  Oye!  I have so many sweaters that don't fit me anymore for whatever reason, and this one just hollered at me that IT WAS READY TO BE NEW AGAIN:

Sodenote: this little girl is SUCH a ham in front of the camera these days!  I love it!

So this sweater is from Old Navy.  I got a Large Tall - I wanted it to be long and oversized for maximum coziness.  This is what it looked like before:

This is literally how it came - with one arm about 4 inches longer than the other.  WTFON?!

After trying to wear it a few times (lol yeah, I wore it a few times), into the upcycle pile it went. It's got sparkly threads running through it - I couldn't throw it out!  C'mon!

So to the chop shop that is my dining room table it went.  I cut all the seams, and then cut raglan sleeves (of identical size.... ahem).  I didn't take any length off, and luckily it hits her right above her knees!  Win!

Then, even though the sparkly bits were cute, it still needed something.  It was just a little too plain.  Wearable and darling, but just plain.

Enter: Santa mittens!  I used super soft red wool felt, and black pompom trim, and just freehanded the mitten shape:

I didn't even sew them on - I used fabric glue.  So fast and so easy!

Emmy loves it.



One old crappy sweater is new again, and one sweet little lady is pleased as punch!  Huzzah!

I'm totally going searching in my upcycle pile to see what else I can redo.  These sweater dresses are just so perfect for the winter months.  :)

Have you guys upcycled anything lately?  Leave me a link, I want to check'm out!

Happy Sunday, peeps.  
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Snowman Hand-print Ornamenahahahaaaa!

Good Tuesday to you all!

I have been away from this blog'o'mine for quite a bit, eh?!  I am starting to feel the itch again, and I hope to be back here much more often now.  Mojo's rising.  :)

SO!  Check these babies out: 

Ha!  Do you love them as much as I do?!?!

I saw this adorable tutorial on the Pinterest's a few weeks ago, and thought it would be awesome to do with Emmy - quick, fun, and I already had everything on hand to make them.

So silly cute, hers are!

We made six and only one ended up being usable as anything close to resembling Snowmen!  Emmy was alllll about schmearing the paint all over the ornaments but it was just so funny and cute, I didn't put up too much of an argument.  She's not even three after all.  ;)

If I do these again, which I think I will - I really love them! - I will do it a little differently.  In the tutorial, the pictures show the ornament sitting the palm of the child's hand, and then they close their hand up around the ornament... I think next time I will hold the ornament upside down and like, roll Emmy's hand over top of it.  That make any sense?

Some of the others... 

Disembodied Snowmen!

Melting Snowmen!



Have a good day!
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New Sweater(s) in the Shop!

Hello, all!  Happy Monday!

I just wanted to show yall the newest addition to LouBeeClothing - the Bimaa Sweater!
'Bimaa' is Navajo for Vermont - fitting for this snuggly cowl neck sweater. 

This is a super gorgeous floral sweater knit - lighter weight, yet still warm.  This week I'll also be adding an animal print version of the Bimaa Sweater!  Look for it, it's awesome.  ;)
Hit me up on Facebook for updates!    

Have a good day!
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Cutest Halloween Costume EVARRRR.

If I do say so myself!

A stinkin' giraffe with a stinkin' denim vest!  :D

I am pretty proud of myself for having this costume already cut out and ready to sew.  If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know that I had this beast cut out in SEPTEMBER!  Huzzah!

It has one million pattern pieces, so I knew I needed to give myself plenty of time.  Not to mention I'm working with that crazy faux-fur business.  What a hot mess that makes.  I think it's going to be worth it though!  I am going to put lots of loving care into sewing this one up so that Emmy can wear if for dress up for a good long while.  :)

Here is the pattern, btw:

Simplicity 1766
I'll show it to you guys as soon as it's done!


In other news, I'm adding some awesome new items to LouBeeClothing in the next few days!

The first is this cowl-neck skinny sweater:

This green version was the final test run.  The 2 actual fabrics that this sweater will be offered in are freaking awesome - I can't wait until you see them!  I'm keeping it a surprise until then, though!  :)

Check the Shop, or follow me on Facebook to see the new items coming into the collection!

This picture is so 'portrait studio'. I love it.

Cheers, yall!  I hope you're having a lovely October!

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20 Interweb Points

Hello gang!   Happy Wednesday!

I created a quick 10 question survey, and I'd be forever indebted (in the form of 20 interweb points) to you if you'd fill it out.

If you don't sew for children, you can skip it because, well, that's what it's about!


Since before I opened the Shop, I've been having this internal struggle regarding making sewing patterns.  My heart says make the clothing, but my soul says make the patterns.  I'm torn - have been for months.  I sort of think I should just do both.  ;)

But anyway, here's the survey - I'm just looking for a little spiritual guidance via SurveyMonkey.  Lol.

Thank you so much guys!  I really appreciate your input!

Requisite blog post picture:

Ni Hao!


But Not a Real Green Dress, That's Cruel!

Aka - One More Summer Dress, Please!

Hi everyone!  So since I've opened my Shop, and settled into the nerves of doing such, I've gotten back into sewing just for FUNZIES!  It's nice to cut yourself some slack every now and again, right?
I wanted to make Emmy just one more summery dress before Summer officially ends!  And here she be... A delightfully minty, twirly summer dress:

Notice my daughter is suddenly 100 years older than she used to be.

This is the pattern I used - McCall's 6305.  It's a very easy pattern, nothing fiddly or fussy.  The thing about it though is that there's no closures of any kind, so it's kinda big!  Still cute though, and she can grow into it.  :)

I sewed the red-polka version, below.
McCall's 6305

The fabric I used is a stretch cotton gauze that I think I got a Joann.  Really great material to work with - I need to procure myself some more of that!  I lined the skirt part with a heavier poly/crepe type job for extra twirling capacity.  I love the final dress!  Super pretty, if I do say so ;)    

The back - you can sort of see the gauzy texture better here.


Emmy has taken to modeling!  Huzzah!

Happy September, all!  I hope your Summers have been fantastic.  :)
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O P E N !

Come poke around the store!

We're going out of state next week, so if there's anything you want before then - order before Friday!

New goods will be added very soon.  :)



Love to all!

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Some Deets about LouBeeClothing!

Good day, all!

So I want to share with you some details about my new clothing line, LouBeeClothing!
First and foremost - this is the scariest, most exciting thing I've ever done.  I go from weepy with pride, to trembling in fear at the drop of a hat.

But I can say now with certainty that I ABSOLUTELY believe in myself and in these clothes.  It's been a long road getting to this point - ask my family about all the late night phone calls and tearful meltdowns.  Hot mess.  :)

SO, about the clothes!

My plan as of now is to have at least 2 pieces per season.  Awkward that I'm starting this thing mid-summer - but hey - you have to start somewhere right?!

The tank top above is what started it all.  It's ma'baby.  It's got an exaggerated racer-back and a subtle hi-lo hem, and the best part - fabrics that you will not find in your average children's wear.  Listen, I love fluff and ruffles and sequins as much as the next girl - but this is not where you're going to find them.

My aesthetic is simplicity.  Intentionally un-frilly.  Classic style and easy comfort.  I firmly believe that kids are at their cutest when they aren't covered in bells and whistles and GLLITTAAARRRR!!!

I am a textbook Taurus and I tend heavily towards all things Earthy-natural in life.  How does that translate into LouBeeClothing?  Through soft materials, nature-inspired & feminine prints, organic lines & shapes.  Nothing hard, nothing cold, and no glitter.  That 'bout sums it up.

This is what I said to one of my fabric wholesalers when I was trying to explain what I was looking for:  "I'm looking for fabric that mature, grown women would wear; to use in my designs which resemble things that 20-somethings would wear - but it's for toddler clothes."  Ha!

So there's a little peak into what's going on with me... If this shop isn't open by this Friday, please come to my house and tell me to click "Sell" - because chances are I'll be sitting in front of my laptop trembling in terror.

I also wanted to let you know that I started a small funding campaign on indiegogo to help raise money for start-up costs.  The money from this campaign will go directly to shipping supplies, marketing, and materials for upcoming designs.  If you want to contribute - AWESOME.  And if you want to be SUPER AWESOME, after you've contributed g'head and share the campaign link on your blog or Facebook, and let me know that you did (there's a coupon in it for you ;).  I will be forever grateful, seriously.

You can also find the indiegogo campaign linkage over on my sidebar.

LOVE to all!


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