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Guest Posting Today!

Good morning all!

Today you can find me over at A Couple of Craft Addicts, sharing how to make this j'adorable bubble skirt!  The tutorial is part of series on sewing with sergers, so although there's a TON of info on that topic, this skirt can also be sewn using your regular sewing machine!

Come on over and check it out!  :D

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Things are a bit quiet 'round here, eh?  That's mostly because we're throwing Emmy a super 2nd birthday party this weekend, and we're BUSY changing our basement from frat-house to play room.  No small task, people.  Trust.

But!  I'm also squeezing in a wicked fun new tutorial that will be a part of A Couple of Craft Addicts Serger Series, which starts next week!  Here's a sneak peek at the fabric I'm using...

Eeee!  :D
Orange!  Clouds!  Knit!  I won this fabric in a giveaway (my first time ever winning a giveaway - I used to think those things were hocus pocus) from Kitschy Coo, and I absolutely love it.  The stuff is like buttah.

The new tutorial will be serger-focused, obvi, but it's a project that is completely doable on a sewing machine, too.  I know, you hear that all the time, but I mean it!

So I will be poking back in next week at some point... after all the merry-making winds down.  :)  
Have a good rest of the week all!  Happy Spring!

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A happy, happy second birthday to my darling Emmylou.  :)

You are wonderful.  I love you so!

Aka, Mama.

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Make a Quick and Easy St. Patrick's Top - Blast from the Past


Since St. Patrick's Day is coming up this weekend (yay!), I thought I'd re-post about my tutorial for the Lucky in Love Onesie!

It's a super easy and super fun project.  The kids can even help with the painting part (if you dare)!  Here's a sweet baby Emmy modeling hers last year:

This doll turns TWO next week!  :O

And here are a couple adorable tee shirt versions by Steph @ Crafting in the Rain:


So if you want to whip one up, check out the tutorial HERE!
Send me pictures if you make one & I'll show them off next week!

Cheers, me lassies!

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Infinity Scarf - Southwestern Minty Warmness

Good weekend to you all!

I had a little fit of must-sew-something-immediately yesterday (don't you love that??) so I scanned my fabric shelves for something that wanted to be made into something.  We were going to a fire at a friends house last night, so I guess I might have had bundling up in the back of my mind.  This Navajo-ish, southwestern flannel was all "hey, I want to go to that fire!" and I was all "ok!", so this infinity scarf was born!

So the print is flannel, and I had a small amount of super soft cotton batiste in like the exact same color - just several shades lighter.  I LOVE these fabrics together!  The batiste was just barely sheer, so I sandwiched plain white cotton muslin in between the two, so it would be opaque.  That gave the scarf a really nice weight, it's warm and toasty.

Please excuse the signs of Winter deck neglect...  

I don't have a tutorial for this - there are several great ones out there - no need to reinvent the wheel.  Here are a few that I know of, if you want specific instructions:

H is for Handmade
The Cottage Home
Maybe Matilda
True Bias

Roughly, mine measured (before sewing) 64" x 12".  I had to cut the batiste into two 32ish" x 12" pieces and then I sewed those together to get my 64" piece.  Easy peasy.  I really recommend this project for anyone new to sewing - it's very easy and very fast!  And you can combine really any types of fabric you want to.

Hey I didn't crop my head out!  :)

So there you have it!  A super quick, super warm-yet-springy infinity scarf.  Loves it.

Have a good rest of your weekend all!  I'm going to go poking about in my yard for signs of life because I saw daffodils yesterday when I was driving around.  :)

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Charcoal Renfrew

Welp, the Renfrew and Minoru patterns came in the mail (so fast!), so I put the Pendrell back on the shelf.  I don't think I will EVER get to that pattern, the poor thing!

Here's my charcoal sweater knit Renfrew!

I'm sorry I cropped my head out again... My mommasita took like 14 pictures and I'm a hot mess in all of them.  I blame it on the cold.  :)

So I LOVE this top!  It was a breeze to sew - there are so few steps and pattern pieces.  Lovely!  Will be making heaps of them!  However, it came out too tight and too short for what I prefer.  This was entirely my fault, and here's why:

I serged the seams with reckless crazylady abandon.  After I read Amanda's review of the pattern, and warning to take serious heed of the 5/8" seam allowance, I was worried that I'd serge pewnie seams and end up with a big ol' grey sweatshirt, essentially.  So I overdid it and I could probably make a new Renfrew from the scraps leftover from my overzealous serging.  :)

Also, this is a problem:

Red circles - My measurements.
Pink circle - Hoorah for averaging!

Yeah-no, that didn't really work out!  I should have graded up in the bust and down in the hips and waist instead of just cutting a straight 10.  Patience fail.  But I will make others and grade them to fit my shape better!

Dressform, you lie.
The fabric I used was a sweater knit with one-way stretch (from Joann's ages ago).  I don't think that helped me out either.  Methinks the width-wise stretch sort of pulled up the tops' length, if ya know what I'm saying.  It's too tight on my bust, that's what I'm saying.  Blerg.

But hey, I still love it, and it's totally wearable!  I super duper recommend this pattern - it's a perfect wardrobe builder.  Check out the Sewaholic Patterns Flickr Group to see some other versions of this pattern & the others!  Good stuff.  :)

Have a good day all!

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