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They're giving Roc-Lon away [almost]

Heads up yall!

That stuff I used to make Mr. Foxy Pillow, Roc-Lon, is on crazybananas sale this Saturday at Jo-Ann!  2 Yards for 3 bucks!  Holla!

I'm telling you my peeps, get this stuff home, wash it, nuzzle up with it for a bit because it's that soft and yummy, then make yourself a pillow!  Like so:

Also, I got that screen capture image from using a program called Jing.  It's pretty awesome!  I've been looking for something like it for ages, and I think it's perfect!  If you're looking for a screen capture program, I recommend Jing for sure - and they're not even paying me!  ;)

Anyone have any fun sewing or crafting plans for the weekend?  I'm thinking it's high time to sew myself something.  I don't think I've made a garment for a grown person since I started this blog!  Maybe a Pendrell finally??
[Beth, I'll get your towels done first, pinky promise :]

Ok, happy day everyone!

Love to all,

*Edited to Add*
I'm not so sure now that the Roc-Lon on sale [above] is the same I used for my pillow.  Mine is really thick and I don't think it's technically 'muslin'.  I think this stuff on sale is the thin, actual muslin material.   Just wanted to clarify that.  The fabric I used was not with the muslin, it was with the canvas, duck, and home decor fabrics.  kbai :)



So... I've been keeping a little secret!  For the past few weeks I've been busy folding and organizing and refolding and reorganizing.  And I am so excited to tell you why!!!

Today my sewing room is being featured on Craftaholics Anonymous!!!

Like, THEE Craftoholics Anonymous!  

I'm so excited and proud, but mostly honored!  Thank you Linda!

Ahhhh!  :D  

So, come on over and check it out!  I think you'll enjoy it!

Love to all!


Foxy Pillow is Foxy

Happy Easter everyone!  Hope your all having a beautiful weekend. :)

Meantime, may I introduce you to Foxy Pillow:

Oh hai!

Like I said in my last post, pillows are WICKED easy!  For this cute little guy I [loosely] followed From an Igloos' Easy 4-Step Cushion Cover.  I sort of just winged the measurements, but I LOVE how it came out!

Envelope style!  No zipper!

The fabric I used was [I think] this stuff called Roc-Lon.  Don't quote me on that though, I just barely glanced at the bolt label.  It's like a thick, textured, super soft natural looking fabric.  It was in the back of JoAnns with the duck cloth and home decor fabrics.  I heart it big time.  :)

I also got the iron-on fox at JoAnns.  I've had it fo-eva.  I wanted to put it on a shirt for Emmy, but now that we're redoing her room, I thought little fox friend would make a really cute accent.  Isn't he precious?!  Good choice, methinks. :)


I would have taken pictures of this pillow on my bed if I ever made it this morning, but alas, the ironing board it is. :)

Again, happy Easter everyone!
And omg you guys, check back here Wednesday! - MAJOR NEWS!  :D

Love to all,

[Foxy Pillow is attending THESE foxy parties!] and


Wicked Easy Pillow Roundup

Happy Good Friday all!  And a happy Easter, too!  :D

I have a super cute pillow to show yall later this weekend, but before that, I thought I'd share a few easy pillow how-tos with you!  I know that a lot of you sew, but many of you don't!  Gasp!  What gives?!

If the only thing keeping you from sewing is sheer intimidation, let me lead you to the ideal jumping off point: Pillows!  They are bananas-easy and will have you feeling confident in no time!  Plus, if you sew a pillow with a zipper (easy!), you will have conquered one of the scarier steps in garment construction.  Pillows use a scant amount of fabric (wallet friendly!), but are a super way to showcase a fabric that you love!  WIN!

So, come sew pillows with me!

This ^^ is the method I used to make my forthcoming pillow!  It's so flippin' easy you won't even be able to stand it.  You'll be a one-woman pillow factory until someone intervenes and stops you.


This tutorial ^^ will END any fear you may have of the zipper.  Seriously.  It's fantastic, and the result is soooo classy and professional looking!  Go you!


This tutorial ^^ is similar in construction to the first one - easy peasy, except they're embellished with vintage hankies!  Gah!  Don't have any vintage hankies?  Now you have an excuse to go thrifting.  As if you needed one.  ;)  Aren't they beautiful?!  You could even use pocket squares, small silk scarves, or doilies!


This one ^^ may not look 'wicked easy', but I assure you, with just a few additional steps, YOU can do this!  The beauty of this one is the endless fabric combination possibilities...  You could make a shabby chic one like the one pictured, you could make one for your boys' room with trucks and aliens and... boy stuff, or make a gorgeous neutral one with fancy buttons for your sofa!  Plus you'll learn many new skills along the way!


This one ^^, also similar in construction to the other envelope-style pillows, uses pintucks to embellish the fabric itself!  You could do this for any size pillow, and you could play around with the pintucks... So simple, beautiful, and EASY!

So whaddya say?  Is a sewing machine going on your Mothers Day wishlist??  I hope so!

Love to all!


Wee Linen Blouse in Action

So here's the Wee Linen Blouse in all it's glory!

I'd say it's a wicked success!!!  Emmy wore it all day today and it's all sorts of filthy and loved and broken-in and that's for sure a good sign!  She looked so cute and comfortable in it!  Yay!  

Check it out!

She was barking (yeah) at the dogs across the street and looking at me like, "Why aren't you barking at them?!?!1??!"

On a pattern tweaking note, I think it needs lengthening by about an inch.  I may actually make the pattern larger altogether... it doesn't look like she'll fit into this top for too too long.  

Gahh, so cute.

The back looks great!  And there're those flutter sleeves that I will eat once she outgrows this because they are too cute to go to waste.
Also, for the next one I make, I'm going to use snap-tape in lieu of buttons so that the top is completely reversible!  Hollerrr!  That'll work right?  I can't wrap my head around these things until they're right in front of me.  :P

Fluffhead :)

Neckline looks good!


Smirky McTurkey.

So folks, I think the PDF pattern is a GO!  I just need to tweak a few things, and then get all the uploading business figured out.  FUN!!!  

Thank you all who've expressed interest in the pattern!  If there are any of you who would be interested in testing the pattern before I pull the trigger, that'd be great!  It's going to be a size 12-18 months, lest I wake up tomorrow knowing how to grade patterns.  So let me know if you'd be interested in testing it out in the next month or two.  I'd love the feedback, 'cause I have no idea what I'm doing.  ;)

Seat of my pants, people. Seat. Of. My. Pants.

Love, love, love to all,


Wee Linen Blouse

(((( *UPDATE! See the Wee Linen Blouse on a human baby HERE* ))))

A new blouse for Emmylou!  Oh you guys, I am SO proud of this one!
So proud in fact, that I took all my pictures at night and then [poorly] doctored them up, just so I could share this with you asap!  Let's say they're grainy and off-color because I wanted them that way because I'm a remarkable artist.  K?  :)

Oh hai little blouse!
I used this fabric, except in 'Baby Pink' which it looks like they're all out of now.  The stuff is like melted butter.  But still really easy to sew with!  Hoorah!

I used a lot of new-to-me techniques for this blouse.  One being a self lining!  And wow - I love, love how easy it was!  And the look of it - no bias tape, no little hems - gorgeous!  I referred to this great tutorial for doing the lining, and I will use it again and again!

Another supercute element I added was ruffle/flutter cap sleeves!  Could you just eat them?!?!  For those little buddies, I referred to another great tutorial, found here.  I had to do it a little differently though, since I was using the self lining.  I'm wicked proud of myself for figuring how to insert those little sleeves on my own!  :D

Button placket in the back!  I was going to use wooden buttons for a rustic-y, natural vibe, but my mom had these perfectly pink ones that I couldn't resist.  I'm loving the monochromaticness!  :D

I also attempted my first blind-hem, but something was wonky - it kept only catching one layer of the linen, even after maxing out my stitch width.  Frown.  I'll have to try that again on something different - such a lovely look!  So instead I just serged the bottom, folded up once and stitched!  Voila!

Might I also mention that I made this pattern?!  From scratch!  I measured my little model, and drew up a basic bodice pattern that I'll be able to use again and again.  I'm thinking about uploading it as a PDF...  would yall be interested in it?!  It's super simple, and can be jazzed up to your liking!  Sleeves!  Bow belts!  Ribbon trim!  Ruffles!  It might take me a little while to get on that, but I'll certainly do it if there's interest!  Holler atcha boo!

Alright yall, this blouse if off to party!
I'll try to get a shot of the missus wearing it this weekend!

Love to all,


It has begun...

...she's started posing.

Her most favorite stance... One hand on the table, the other gracefully at her side.

Who, me?  That mess back there?  Nah... :)

I think this is "I'd like some blueberries, please" face

Oh so precious!  And these were taken by the Hubs!  Using auto-focus!  Not too bad I say, I say!

Now perhaps I can start modeling things on her instead of on the wall.  ;)
And that's good, because there are things forthcoming to be modeled...

Love to all!


Bright & Eclectic Baby Rooms

Emmylou is moving into some saaweet new digs!  We currently have her in the tiniest room in the house.  Somehow, in my crazy pregnant nesting mentality, I thought that was the best room for her.  I honestly can't remember why now!  Jeebus!

So we're moving her and her effects into the next biggest bedroom we have, which is still the size of a shoebox, but more like a boot shoebox - as opposed to a Ked's shoebox.  And it has a closet.  Lucky girl.  ;)

I want the room to be super ultra white with all sorts of bright accents and colorful playthings.  Will I regret painting a one-year-olds' bedroom white?  No doubt.  But I'm going to humor myself in the name of creative vision.  :)

Here are some inspirational rooms and yummy eye candy.  Enjoy!







Ahh, I love them all!  So bright and airy!

Stay tuned for some actual productivity around here...

Love to all,



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