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They're giving Roc-Lon away [almost]

Heads up yall!

That stuff I used to make Mr. Foxy Pillow, Roc-Lon, is on crazybananas sale this Saturday at Jo-Ann!  2 Yards for 3 bucks!  Holla!

I'm telling you my peeps, get this stuff home, wash it, nuzzle up with it for a bit because it's that soft and yummy, then make yourself a pillow!  Like so:

Also, I got that screen capture image from using a program called Jing.  It's pretty awesome!  I've been looking for something like it for ages, and I think it's perfect!  If you're looking for a screen capture program, I recommend Jing for sure - and they're not even paying me!  ;)

Anyone have any fun sewing or crafting plans for the weekend?  I'm thinking it's high time to sew myself something.  I don't think I've made a garment for a grown person since I started this blog!  Maybe a Pendrell finally??
[Beth, I'll get your towels done first, pinky promise :]

Ok, happy day everyone!

Love to all,

*Edited to Add*
I'm not so sure now that the Roc-Lon on sale [above] is the same I used for my pillow.  Mine is really thick and I don't think it's technically 'muslin'.  I think this stuff on sale is the thin, actual muslin material.   Just wanted to clarify that.  The fabric I used was not with the muslin, it was with the canvas, duck, and home decor fabrics.  kbai :)


  1. love the pillow and I love using muslin, I actually have a friend that works at my local Joann's, yay for awesome friends!

    Thanks for the links, I'll have to go check out that jing.

    BTW, love your blog and your fun personality comes through on your posts.

  2. hehehe - I know you're a master at multi-tasking, and my towels will be beautiful as always :)

    but please do make something for yourself... (better for me to view the goods on you before I ask for you to make me anything else!)

    PS. Teach me how to make a pillow? I might be needing some soon! ;)

  3. Thank you gals! :D

    Boo, I will DEFINITELY teach you how to make a pillow, are you kidding!? Open up that wallet and gitchoself a sewing machine woman! ;D

  4. I just saw what Pendrell !!! And yes I VOTE GO FOR IT!!! Absolutely!!! I know that you'll do an excellent job:)
    p.s. Happy May:)



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