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...and a Happy New Year!

Happy to have today off with the fam.  :)

There's a what behind me??




I did this crazy awesome shelf redo a couple weeks ago, but I've been too busy enjoying it to post about it!

Here she be!


Little Things for Little People.

Tis the season of Babies!  Baby girls, seemingly!  Yay!

Two friends recently had little itty bitties, and I made them some darling prezzies!
First, for Sweet Baby P, I made a Hooded Towel and Washcloth Set, using this tutorial from The Purl Bee:


I made the set before I decided to take up residence in CraftBlogVille, so unfortunately, no pictures.  But trust, they came out sooo soso cute, if I do say so.  It's a really great tutorial.

Then for Little Baby Q I made a couple of things.  I had no time to get to the store for more terry cloth (hear my wallet sighing in relief?), so I just whipped up a few things from what I had on hand.    


Two darling little headbands!

To make these I used Foldover Elastic [purchased from eBay seller Hobovian - She sells packs of 10 one-yard cuts in assorted colors on the cheap!  Found her store through another blogger, but I can't remember who!], my trusty glue gun, one crystal-y button, and flowers stolen off of Emmys high chair.  She rips them off all the time anyway, so I think she's actually glad to see them gone. ;)

Aren't they FUN?  Foldover Elastic is bomb.  I hope Baby Q likes them!

And since these took like 10 minutes to make, the craft itch was not sufficienly scratched.  So I also made this sweet onesie:

I just realized that I took these pics before I actually sewed the little buttons on.  Ha.
Pretty sweet though, no?  Felt buttons!

I need to make Emmy some of those headbands.  They are SO easy and SO fast, and the possibilities are ennnnndless.  

So happy, happy birth, Baby P and Baby Q!  Me and Emmylou can't wait to meet you!

ETA:  You can purchase the felt heart buttons here.  I also saw ONE package of them at JoAnn last weekend.  And, I also found some on eBay a few weeks ago, which I bought on the cheap and sent to my first commenter, Sue.  (They're on their way to you Sue!)



Greetings from Arizona!

Just popping in to say hi, and that we'll be back to crafting and sewing soon!

In the meantime, Emmy is enjoying meeting family...

Meeting and loving sheep...

Meeting and not loving horses...

Eating and actually enjoying mutton... [shudder]

And fitting right in on her Native Soil...

More to come!  

Love to all!

p.s. Like that hat Emmy's wearing?  My mom made it.  Shouldn't she make an Etsy store?!  I think so too.  :)


How Flippen Cool is This?!

I've entered to win a Giveaway at Simply Modern Mom to win this bad boy:
(Not the kid, I'm sure he's a good boy.  The thing he's on ;)


I die!  Emmy would love this for YEARS! 

The winner also gets this Art Easel Attachment Kit! 


Ahh!!  Need!! 

Wish me luck! 


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