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I did this crazy awesome shelf redo a couple weeks ago, but I've been too busy enjoying it to post about it!

Here she be!

I was driving to work on this particular morning, and passed by a house that had a few pieces of furniture plopped out by the curb - nothing special though.  Then, on the way back home for lunch I noticed there were a few additions to the pile.  Nothing I was really attracted to... But trust that I slowed down and stared, as any good bargain huntress would. ;)

But then, on the way home for the night, I spotted this beaut!  Aha!  They were holding onto the good stuff 'til nightfall!  Tricky!  So I pulled over and loaded this sweet baby into the back of the truck.

Good Things:
1.  Already teal - WIN.
2.  Deep shelves - good for storing [crazyfabricstash] almost anything.
3. Super solid and in really good condition, considering it's short stint on the side of the road.
4. Oddly the perfect height to fit over my ironing board and next to my other [crazyfabricstash] shelf.

Bad Things:
1. The top was not at all attached - found that out when trying to pick the thing up.
2. It was diiiiirty.  Eek.
3.  It weighs like, 200 pounds.

So anyhow, the good def outweighed the bad, and I got to refurbishing!

Shined her up a bit...

Pre-Shining, top removed
 I screwed the top back on, and instead of centering it, I made it so the overhang was only on the right side:

Everything needs pompom trim, right?  Right. :)

This was so it would fit nicely next to the shelf that lives to it's left (they are about the same height, so the overhang would be useless on that one side), and so that I could hang all sorts of yummy snips and scissors off of it:

Power tools :)

The scissor collection pre-Ghinger Shears :)  

Loaded it up with fabric - LOTS of it, and tah dah!  New shelf!  For free!  I don't have a picture of where it lives now, but it's really a perfect fit.  

Add notions and various accoutrement...

A note about that Mason Jar there...  Every time I create something for Emmylou, I make sure to add a piece or two of scraps from the project into this jar.  I just cram them down in there.  I think it's so cool to watch it all meld together.  It's like making a quilt without all the... quilting.   

Have a laugh at the to-do list with me:


There's at least 3 sew-alongs in there not including Miss Muslins new Vintage Sew-Along.

I should quit organizing the sewing stuff and start sewing the sewing stuff.


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