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Little Things for Little People.

Tis the season of Babies!  Baby girls, seemingly!  Yay!

Two friends recently had little itty bitties, and I made them some darling prezzies!
First, for Sweet Baby P, I made a Hooded Towel and Washcloth Set, using this tutorial from The Purl Bee:


I made the set before I decided to take up residence in CraftBlogVille, so unfortunately, no pictures.  But trust, they came out sooo soso cute, if I do say so.  It's a really great tutorial.

Then for Little Baby Q I made a couple of things.  I had no time to get to the store for more terry cloth (hear my wallet sighing in relief?), so I just whipped up a few things from what I had on hand.    


Two darling little headbands!

To make these I used Foldover Elastic [purchased from eBay seller Hobovian - She sells packs of 10 one-yard cuts in assorted colors on the cheap!  Found her store through another blogger, but I can't remember who!], my trusty glue gun, one crystal-y button, and flowers stolen off of Emmys high chair.  She rips them off all the time anyway, so I think she's actually glad to see them gone. ;)

Aren't they FUN?  Foldover Elastic is bomb.  I hope Baby Q likes them!

And since these took like 10 minutes to make, the craft itch was not sufficienly scratched.  So I also made this sweet onesie:

I just realized that I took these pics before I actually sewed the little buttons on.  Ha.
Pretty sweet though, no?  Felt buttons!

I need to make Emmy some of those headbands.  They are SO easy and SO fast, and the possibilities are ennnnndless.  

So happy, happy birth, Baby P and Baby Q!  Me and Emmylou can't wait to meet you!

ETA:  You can purchase the felt heart buttons here.  I also saw ONE package of them at JoAnn last weekend.  And, I also found some on eBay a few weeks ago, which I bought on the cheap and sent to my first commenter, Sue.  (They're on their way to you Sue!)


  1. Hi from Australia

    may I ask where you buy these felt buttons please? they're really cute and we don't have them in Australia.

    cheers Sue

  2. Hi Sue!

    I spotted them at Jo-Ann. I wasn't looking for buttons at the time, they just popped out at me! Maybe they have them on their website?

    I'll poke around & let you know if I find anything!


  3. This turned out super cute! I need felt buttons!

  4. Thank you Trisha! Yeah felt buttons are pretty much awesome :D

    That brand, "Favorite Findings" makes a slew of different felt buttons.


  5. The onesie is so adorable! Glad to have found your blog & happy to be a new follower. Please share your creativity with my followers, link to my blog bash K.I.S.S. :)

  6. So cute I have never seen felt buttons before.

  7. Ah! Thank you SO much Christina! WILL DO!


  8. I'd never heard of felt buttons, but am totally getting some now! I too am a a fan of FOE (I've got a whole category of project tutorials for it on my blog). Great job on all those cute little things!

  9. Thanks Cheryl!
    I'll come check out your FOE tutes! :D

  10. Love the onsie! I would love for you to link up any of your projects to my Ten Buck Tuesday link parties!

    And I'm a new follower :)

  11. Oh Lauren, thank you!!

    I'll see ya Tuesday then! :D



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