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Sunshine Sunsuit in ACTION!

Photoshoot time!  :D
Here's Emmy in her Sunshine Sunsiut!  It's bonkers cute, if I do say so :)


Cup of water + Mama saying "nononononono" = This face.

Well played, Baby.  Well played.

Armed and dangerous...


So, whadaya think?!  :)


Sunshine Sunsuit

So after the 'nado, it became pretty clear that I needed to take a hot minute and regroup.  I had a few mini mental breakdowns following the tornado.  It's a difficult thing, as it turns out, to make it out of something like that unscathed - but to see on a daily basis the devastation that missed us by yards.  It's the definition of bittersweet.
I just needed to slow down and go on auto-pilot for a little while.  I allowed the breakdowns to come and go as they pleased, and I am happy to report that things are better now.  It takes me a while to process things in general anyway, but this... This was a biggun'.
We stayed at my parents house for the first several days.  They were running on a generator and my sweet mother said "hey, why don't you go home and get your sewing machine?".  YESSSS!  So I did, and I chose to make the happiest, sun-shiniest thing I possibly could. 
Enter the Sunshine Sunsuit:

Here's the back!  Bow Butt!  :D

The front - so simple and classic.

Here is the pattern...  It's from 1945, and it's probably my most dear pattern.  I'm glad I made it when I did - it oozes happiness. :)


Two rows of top stitching - my new go-to awesomeness.

I added those belt loops... Definitely needed them!

My first-ever facing!  I avoided them like the plague (why?!), but now I want to face EVERYTHINNNNNG!

I didn't bring my serger to my moms (ha, can you imagine!? "Hey, unplug the fridge so I can SERGE!" ;), so I finished the facing with my regular overlock stitch on my sewing machine.  Plenty good enough :)

Can you stand the level of cute this thing is!?  I can't.

I haven't had a chance to get pics of Her Nibs in it yet... The weather's been unworthy of this little gem.  I probably have a chance for pics today though!  Woo!

*See the Sunsuit on Emmy HERE!*
So yall can consider me back in action!  I have more things to show you soon - I've been a'sewin'!  :D
Missed you guys :)




Looking north up my street.  There are never this many cars - these were people who couldn't get home.  They went as far as they could and walked, or in many cases, ran.

My backyard.  We are so, so lucky.

My neighbors backyard.

6 houses down from ours.

A very different skyline than we're used to.

Stairs.  No house.

Again, stairs with no house.  This man was home and he doesn't have a scratch on him.

Cathedral High School.

National Guard.

My family and I are all ok.  Just shocked.  We are so incredibly lucky, it's difficult to explain.
We have no power, and won't for maybe a week?  Two I've heard?  So we're camping out at my moms house, and going back into our neighborhood when we need things.  We went back yesterday and there was already so much progress.  Lots of trees removed from the roads, and power crews everywhere.  And there are many many volunteers with water and food.  I love my neighborhood so much, and I know we'll all get through this mess.


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