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Looking north up my street.  There are never this many cars - these were people who couldn't get home.  They went as far as they could and walked, or in many cases, ran.

My backyard.  We are so, so lucky.

My neighbors backyard.

6 houses down from ours.

A very different skyline than we're used to.

Stairs.  No house.

Again, stairs with no house.  This man was home and he doesn't have a scratch on him.

Cathedral High School.

National Guard.

My family and I are all ok.  Just shocked.  We are so incredibly lucky, it's difficult to explain.
We have no power, and won't for maybe a week?  Two I've heard?  So we're camping out at my moms house, and going back into our neighborhood when we need things.  We went back yesterday and there was already so much progress.  Lots of trees removed from the roads, and power crews everywhere.  And there are many many volunteers with water and food.  I love my neighborhood so much, and I know we'll all get through this mess.


  1. I am so glad you and your family are ok. Those photos are unbelievable. I hope all your friends and neighbours are safe and you guys can get back to normal as soon as possible
    all our love x

  2. oh my goodness what terrible destruction. I'm so glad you are all alright and that your home was spared from damage. I hope things get back to normal soon for everyone in the neighborhood.

  3. I hate tornadoes. It's wild for the pictures to be from your house and not mine. So glad you're all OK.

  4. I'm glad you and your family are ok!
    I'm terrified of tornadoes! I can only imagine how scared you were!

  5. Thanking God that you and your family are okay!

  6. Yikes! Glad you and your family are ok. Although I live in tornado alley, I've never been in a tornado as destructive as that. How scary!

  7. Oh gosh, that's so terrible! I can't believe those trees and houses just gone! Glad you're ok--how's everyone doing now that it's been a few days?

  8. wow, that is alot of damage! Thanks goodness your family is ok.

  9. Oh my goodness!! That had to be scary and hard to see. So glad you and your family are ok!!



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