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Kids Clothes Week Makes!

Hey hey!  Happy Sunday!
This past week was Kids Clothes Week - a week during which I generally have only two modes - SEWS ALL THE THINGS or pretends it isn't happening.  This time around... I was sensible.  And it was awesome!
I sewed two outfits for Em - using just two tried and true patterns.  They're identical ensembles but in different fabrics.  AND I LOVE THEM:

First and most importantly, my almost 4 year old looks SEVENTEEN.
I can't.  Alllll outta cants.
The patterns!  The two tops were made using the always-on-top-of-my-pattern-pile Kitschy Coo Skater Dress, modified into peplum tanks.  Amanda has a great tutorial on her blog on how to peplumize your Skater - do check that out!  These were a breeze to make, and they are so flippin cute and even more flippin versatile.  Totally making more for the warmer months that are allegedly ahead.
I made a few additional changes - I shortened the bodice by about an inch, made the armbands more narrow, and left both tops unhemmed.
The pants are of course the Hosh Pants!  All gussied up and fresh and new and ready for Spring!
It' been a WHOLE YEAR since I've done a proper shop-worthy Hosh photo shoot.  So these babies will be going up in my Shop listings pretty soon.  I think they're going to be a lovely addition!

Let's talk about these fabrics, yes?  The silver top is a bamboo knit DIRECT from the heavens.  Or Denver Fabrics, can't remember! I did get it a long time ago - a quick search of their site yielded nothing just like this.  Eh.
The red top is a super supple French terry that I got eons ago (similar here).  I can't even speculate where that one came from! All I remember about it is receiving it in the mail thinking I had been shipped the wrong stuff because it wasn't towel material (similar here). :|  Haha.

The pants fabrics... OH the pants fabrics!  Aren't they incredible/insane?!  Both are from the 'Fashion Bottomweights' section of my local JoAnn store.  They are stretch cotton sateens - a fabric I swear by for Hosh Pants.  These are really, really cool up close - they're both like digitally printed.  Pretty rad!

Emmy loves all of her new clothes so, so much!  She's napping in them as I type this!
So the takeaway this week was to actually do Kids Clothes Week as it is intended - a little work each night, or whenever you can fit it in. I feel like I got more done than I have in a while, and it was enjoyable, thoughtful, good sewing.  Love it. :)
Also this:

Have a great day everyone!  I hope your team wins if your team's in the Bowl!  The Patriots obviously are out, so I'm just in this for the beer and wings.
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