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The Bimaa Tour - Skirt as Top & Hungie Gungie

Good morning, and a happy weekend to you!

It's the FINAL DAY of the Bimaa Sweater Pattern Tour!  I just can't believe all of the amazing Bimaa's that have come out of this tour.  I am blown away by the mad skills of my tourees!  I thank each one of them so very much for being a part of this tour.

So, today!  First up is Kristin of Skirt as Top!  Kristin has two adorable (soon to be three!) babes to sew for, and her daughter reminds me of an older Emmylou!  On Skirt as Top you'll find gorgeous sewing, not only for kiddos, but Kristin also makes beautiful things for herself (like, gorgeous)!  But, today, it's all about the Magentaa Bimaa!

Next (and last!) up is Erin of Hungie Gungie!  Do you know that whole 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon thing?  Well, Erin and I are separated by like one degree.  And that one degree is a tiny pink cottage in Lee, Massachusetts where she used to live, and where I used to go to parties with my then boyfriend! Lol. We missed each other by like, less than a year. Apparently the blogging world is a really small one!  Anyway!  Erin makes the coolest clothes (this being a personal fave) for her impossibly adorable brood.  Behold - The Hungie Gungie Eared Bimaa!

So that's IT, guys!

Two incredible weeks of Bimaa's sewn by this crew of ladies I'm proud to call friends.

I think I'm going to try to make a pretty sweet round-up of all the Bimaa's from the tour.  I am having major computer issues though (of the I-need-a-whole-new-computer persuasion), so I don't know if a round up would be tomorrow or Monday.

Thank you all SO MUCH for touring along with me!  This has been just awesome.

Love love love,

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The Bimaa Tour - Petit a Petit and Family & Living With Punks


Today is the second to last day of all of these beautiful Bimaa's on parade!  This tour has been so amazing, and I have thanked my lucky stars each and every day that these women chose to join me in celebrating my pattern!  I am so grateful.  :)

First up today is Celina from Petit a Petit and Family!  Celina is an incredibly stylish and creative maker!  Her photography is stunning, her sewing is divine, and she is one of the kindest people I've ever had the pleasure to know!  I was floored when Celina sent me pictures of her Bimaa - Head over to Petit a Petit! 

Next up today is Susan of Living With Punks!  It was kind of moment when I saw that Susan signed up to be on this tour - I was a little star struck!  I have followed her blog for years (I still have her floor cushion on my to-do list!)!  And now Susan has sewn one of my patterns!  Can't deal!  And how adorbs!?:

Have a great Friday, everyone!

Meetcha back here tomorrow for the final day of the tour!

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The Bimaa Tour - Kitschy Coo & Sew A Straight Line


(HUGE PUBLIC APOLOGIES to Amanda and Sabra for being so late in getting this post up.  I am fifty shades of hot mess today, and I am so sorry.  Please readers -show these guys some extra love, ok? :)

The Bima Sweater pattern tour rolls on today! With two more super talented ladies, no less! 
First up is Amanda of Kitschy Coo. Amanda, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in real life this past summer (!!!), is the brilliant mind behind such patterns as the Skater Dress and the Lady Skater.  I adore Amanda - you will too, if you don't already.  LOOK at what she's done with her Bimma!:

Next up is Sabra of Sew A Straight Line!  This lucky lady has the most adorable children I can't even.  Sabra is also an incredibly talented seamstress (she's made skinny jeans, people. For herself.)  I love all things Sew A Straight Line, including these two awesome Bimaa's!

Thank you so much Sabra and Amanda, and again - so sorry!

Come back tomorrow for the second to last Bimaa Day!
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The Bimaa Tour - LBG Studio & I Seam Stressed

Good morning! 
If you missed it, last night I posted the Bimaa Hoodie-with-ears tutorial!  Check it out - it's really easy and heaps cute!

Today the Bimaa Sweater Pattern tour is off to two fabulous destinations today...
The first is Vanessa of lbg Studio!  Vanessa's is one of the most beautiful blogs out there.  Her impeccable sewing would look just fine washi-taped to a wall, but no. No no no.  The photos and overall vibe of lbg Studio is just dreamy and ethereal and ahhhhh.  Check out Vanessa's Bimaa!

Next up today is Tasha of I Seam Stressed!  Tasha is a new friend, and I LOVE her sewing projects!  She has a mega talented eye for fabric pairings (see?), and I am head over heals in love with what she's come up for her Bimaa!  Head over to see!

Wahoo!  What a great tour so far!  I love alllllll of the Bimaa's!

More tomorrow!

Have a great day, all!
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Adding Ears to your Bimaa Hoodie - Template and Tutorial


The Bimaa Sweater - Hoodie version with EARS!!!

Let's jump right in, shall we!?

Cut out and assemble your ears (bear ears? mouse ears? not sure! :) by following the instructions included with the template:

I have two sets of ears pictured above because I didn't know which fabric was going to play best with the camera.  Neither did haha, but the pink won out in the end.

Here's what you'll have. But two of them:

The Bimaa Tour - Caila Made & Sew Pony

Goooood morning!

OMG your guys.  The Bimaa Sweater Pattern Tour is rocking my socks.  What's been your favorite so far?!  Can you even choose?!  :D

Today we're plugging right along, except with three tons of extra adorable today.  All have been adorable thus far, but today is just insanity.

First is Caila of Caila Made!  Caila makes gorgeous clothing for her children, and I absolutely love her cool style.  Her blog is full of beautiful photography (of her beautiful blonde babes!) and a slew of tutorials - I'd like to try the paper bag dress in particular!  Caila's Bimaa is sooo stinkin' cute!  Check it out!

Next up is Suz of Sew Pony, and her impossibly cute models!  Suz is another impeccable seamstress (proof here), and I am so happy to have become blog friends with her.  Her Debbie's Birthday Dress pattern is on my list for Kids Clothes Week next week!  LOOK at the Bimaa's Suz has made!

So awesome, this tour.  I can't believe all these lovely ladies are making my pattern. :)

Check back tomorrow for more cuddly goodness!

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Wicked Important Announcement, Guys


So, after my last Bimaa Sweater update, it has come to my attention that the grade of my sleeve cap was still slightly off.  Though, this has been a tricky fix.  It seems as though the mismeasurement is only evident in the larger sizes- the 5 & 6 - and only obvious in certain fabrics. Oye.  But, it WAS still off, and fixing it was important to me.  I love my patterns, and I want you to love them as well.


If you have experienced armscye fitting issues with the Bimaa in sizes 5 or 6 - I have remeasured, regraded, and redigitized the pattern to reflect these adjustments, and I will provide these changes to you via a new copy of the amended pattern.

Email me at if you have encountered these fitting issues, and include your PayPal email address (or whichever email is associated with your purchase) so I can verify your purchase.  I will send you the new file - there are only three pages that you'd need to reprint/retrace, and I will provide that printing information in the email I send you.

Thank you guys SO MUCH for your support and love for this pattern.  If you ask my closest buddies, this pattern is my baby - my favorite of my patterns.  I want to see it shine, and want you guys to get as much satisfaction out of it as I do.

Much, much love,

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The Bimaa Tour - Kadiddlehopper & Alida Makes

Good morning, and happy Monday!

The Bimaa Sweater Pattern Tour rolls on for one more week, and today I have 2 incredible ladies whom I'm so proud to know, let alone have them review my patterns!

First up is Katie of Kadiddlehopper!  Katie is an absolute game changer when it comes to sewing.  She turned a Bimaa Sweater into a My Little Pony costume, and that's not even for her spot on this tour.  Game. Changer!  Katie's blog is post after post of gorgeous, impeccably sewn items for her son, daughter (EACH got a Bimaa today!), and herself!  Check it out!

Numero dos on the line up today is Alida of Alida Makes!  Alida is another super-mom (as are all of my touree's!), and she makes awesome clothes for her babes at an impressive pace! Also impressive - Alida's daughter Ellie's fashion sense!  Visit Alida for HEAPS of sewing eye candy, including this gorgeous Bimaa!

Thank you guys so much for visiting today!  Great tour right?!!?  I've loved every Bimaa I've seen!

Check back in tomorrow!

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The Bimaa Tour - Crafterhours & On {the Laundry} Line

Hello, and happy Saturday to you all!

The Bimaa Sweater Pattern Tour rolls on today!  Side note - when I emailed potential touree's for this tour, I had no idea how many "yes!"'s I would get.  I got a ton!  I am so thankful for everyone who is participating in this tour, and it's totally amazing to see everyone's versions.  So in order to fit all the good lovin' in, we're using today and next Saturday as tour spots.  Cool?  Cool.

First stop today is Adrianna from Crafterhours!  Due to Adrianna's kicking ass over here, she wasn't able to finish up her Bimaa post, and I cannot blame her!  Adrianna is a mega talent behind the sewing machine, and I'm honored she wanted to be on my tour!  She has promised to share her Bimaa with us once she's able to.  Funny coincidence... Adrianna has actually already made a Bimaa!  It was for Sewing Like Mad's great series Sewing For Kindergarten, and you can see it HERE!


Next stop today is Laura from On {The Laundry} Line!  This girl.  Are you on Instagram?  If you are, and don't follow Laura (@lorchick), you are MISSING OUT.  She's hysterical, and her kids are a riot.  Laura's is a blog I've followed since I started following blogs!  LOOK at the Bimaa she's made for her oldest daughter:

So COOL!!!  Laura is also making Bimaa's for her other babes so do follow her blog to see more!

Tomorrow guys?  BIMAA EAR TUTORIAL.
Good day!

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The Bimaa Tour - Girl Like the Sea & Made With Moxie

Good morning!  Happy Friday!

The Bimaa Sweater Pattern Tour is rolling on today with two extra talented ladies... both with arguably the most adorable children in the land. 

First up is Tara of Girl Like the Sea.  Tara's aesthetic is so fantastic - everything she makes her babes is adorably kid-appropriate and fashion-minded all at the same time (like, look at this!!!). It's no-frills, no cotton candy.  Just downright awesome clothes that her kids want to wear.  Tara's got it figured out!  See?:

Also touring with us today is Jill of Made With Moxie!  Jill's kids.  I can't even!  They're seemingly always giggling and sillygoosing-ing.  I have suspicions that Jill is an actual Super Mom.  If you haven't seen her Prefontaine shorts pattern - check it out today!  They're fantastic - (I've made three!) and today Jill's paired the Prefontaine's with her Bimaa!  It's a MATCH!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  Come back for more Bimaa's tomorrow!
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