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Happy All Saints Day Eve!

Emmylou Duck!  Ha!

We had such a fun night!  She didn't go trick-or-treating - she handed out candy I think 3 times.  Mostly she crawled around and demanded milk.

But next year, oh next year!  She'll be almost 18 months old - so we'll definitely have a better candy haul.  I mean, she'll have more fun. :)
We did though, get a gorgeous family portrait.

Hope you all had a great weekend! 


I'm getting ready to make something like this:
For Emmy's room!  I just got a slew of embroidery hoops (thanks, eBay!) and I'm certainly not lacking in the delightful fabric department.  

I actually got 7 hoops, and there's 7 letters in Em's name, so I'm thinking about maybe trying something like this:
  UH-mazing, right?!

But, I really don't think I'd have it finished before she heads off to College.
Maybe fabric paint instead of French Knots?!? 


Heidi & Finn = Yes.

The Train To Crazy (also = yes) recently had a sweet deal with Heidi & Finn patterns.  I LOVE them!  I took advantage of the Buy 2 Get 1 offer  - twice.  So, needless to say, I've got some stitchin' to do!

So far I've made Emmylou a Little Pleated Tunic in the smallest size, which was a 12mo.  Her 7 month old self wears size 12-18mo in store-bought, so I thought this would fit her now.  It doesn't!  Lesson learned - these beautifully drafted, sew-it-yourself patterns are actually true to size.  Which I think I prefer.  I don't want to give Em a complex... She's going to be in 3T stuff in like, a month. 

Really though, my choice of fabric was the main fail... It's a linen-blend pink gingham - screams summer.  It's October.

I also made the Girly Little Blouse which came out SO cute!  Again, too big, but totally wearable and I made it in a blue floral print - more Fallish.  I didn't take any pics, but I will. 

Up next is the Chic Cocktail Swing Coat

I've already cut the pattern in red wool and red satin lining!  How cute, seriously?! 

Sewn and Soiled.

I sewed Emmy this FABULOUS new changing pad cover using this fantastic tute from Prudent Baby!  

It was super easy - a great tutorial - and it was my first attempt at sewing with a knit fabric.  It's pink waffle knit and yummy floral flannel.  Delish.

She peed on it that day. 


Just so we're all caught up.

*Pic-heavy post!  They won't all be like this, I promise*


Shi Nali!

Back in September Jonas and I drove out to Indiana with Lou to meet the Haag Family Proper!

We had such an awesome time...  For only having a few days to spend, a slew of memories were made; at least for Jonas and I.  I don't think Emmy can remember things yet.

But if she could, she'd remember her new bff's.

Oh Shi Heart...

Their ages at the time -
7 months (Nick)
6 months (Emmylou)
and 5 months (Xiomara)

...and it was really interesting to see the differences in the three of them.  Nicholas was the most verbal, by far!  Emmy seemed to be the most comfortable with getting around, and sitting.  And Xiomara, she was holding down the adorable quotient.  Seriously, she is precious! 

It was so fun meeting everyone.  I've got memories from this trip that will last a lifetime!  Thank you John, Dixie and family for the fantastic hospitality!  We had a BLAST!  

Chillin' in the heat, among the hummingbirds.


Dixie!  The most gracious Hostess.

Nicholas, Elizabeth & Nancy!  Hi! 

John!  Best salsa West of the Mississippi.


Oh, Shilo!  <3

I've left out a lot of pictures, but I'll get them posted eventually.  We had so much fun, and can't wait 'til we can get back out to Indiana!

Now, time to plan for Emmy to meet the Fuson Family Proper!  One month and counting!  Eek!

Em Goes Global!

Hi friends and family!  
Here's a little Emmylou action for ya!

I'm hoping this will be a good place to share Emmy pictures and to show off my exciting (to me only, I know) sewing projects!

Yall interested?

Good.  'Cause I'm doing it anyway.  :)


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