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Heidi & Finn = Yes.

The Train To Crazy (also = yes) recently had a sweet deal with Heidi & Finn patterns.  I LOVE them!  I took advantage of the Buy 2 Get 1 offer  - twice.  So, needless to say, I've got some stitchin' to do!

So far I've made Emmylou a Little Pleated Tunic in the smallest size, which was a 12mo.  Her 7 month old self wears size 12-18mo in store-bought, so I thought this would fit her now.  It doesn't!  Lesson learned - these beautifully drafted, sew-it-yourself patterns are actually true to size.  Which I think I prefer.  I don't want to give Em a complex... She's going to be in 3T stuff in like, a month. 

Really though, my choice of fabric was the main fail... It's a linen-blend pink gingham - screams summer.  It's October.

I also made the Girly Little Blouse which came out SO cute!  Again, too big, but totally wearable and I made it in a blue floral print - more Fallish.  I didn't take any pics, but I will. 

Up next is the Chic Cocktail Swing Coat

I've already cut the pattern in red wool and red satin lining!  How cute, seriously?! 

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