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A Little 70's Ensemble

Hello, and happy Friday!


Behold, a super adorable halter top with matching linen shorts!  Ah-dorbs.  :)

The pattern (below) is from 1976!  So cute, right?  I sewed the version that the little red-haired doll in the middle is wearing...  (Oh and, HOLY PIGTAILS.)

I picked this pattern out of the stash because I'm sort of on this mission to have a go-to shorts pattern for Emmy.  I'm not a fan of spending $15-20 at a store for shorts that I know cost like $3 to make, and take so little time.  This one is a really good pattern - I think I'm going to make just a few tweaks to have perfect go-to shorts!

Halter deliciousness!  Is there anything cuter than a teeny baby back?!

I used a super soft rayon-something for the halter (same stuff as this blouse) and I think it's from Joann.  The shorts are a turquoise blue linen and I have no idea where it came from.

I added the pin tucks down the front because I was so charmed by the way the shorts are creased on the pattern illustration!  Cute, no?  I wanted to make that a permanently adorable detail.

Here's a better shot of the shorts.  I LOVE the shape!  And they are so basic, I can add all sorts of details!  Love, love, love.

So there you have it!  Two very satisfying sewing successes!

More to come!

Have a great weekend, all!

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Hi, Blog!

Hello my dear, dear readers!

I am so sorry to have gone silent on you!  I have come down with a terrible ailment called I-Just-Don't-Feel-Like-Blogging-D*mnit-itis.  ;)  Tell me you've had it too?!?!

In truth, I haven't sewn a lot lately either, so there just isn't much to share right now.  I am definitely feeling a summer sewing frenzy coming on though, so I plan to be back at it very soon!  I hope you guys are having an excellent early summer - If you've made any super rad things lately, link to them in the comments - I could use a little inspiration boost!  :)

And for your viewing pleasure...
A cell phone picture of an unfinished, yet still adorable, Peek-A-Boo Bonnet that I made for my cousin Kim's daughter!  I finished it before gifting it, happy to report.  :)

Too cute.  One for Emmy - coming right up.  :)


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