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Hi, Blog!

Hello my dear, dear readers!

I am so sorry to have gone silent on you!  I have come down with a terrible ailment called I-Just-Don't-Feel-Like-Blogging-D*mnit-itis.  ;)  Tell me you've had it too?!?!

In truth, I haven't sewn a lot lately either, so there just isn't much to share right now.  I am definitely feeling a summer sewing frenzy coming on though, so I plan to be back at it very soon!  I hope you guys are having an excellent early summer - If you've made any super rad things lately, link to them in the comments - I could use a little inspiration boost!  :)

And for your viewing pleasure...
A cell phone picture of an unfinished, yet still adorable, Peek-A-Boo Bonnet that I made for my cousin Kim's daughter!  I finished it before gifting it, happy to report.  :)

Too cute.  One for Emmy - coming right up.  :)


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  1. Finally, a name for it. Been struck with it for a month or so. It's a lot like Senioritis, and I haven't found a cure yet. Let me know if you stumble upon one...Is a new serger a cure? A haircut? Please tell me it's something I want. :)
    Cute bonnet though! Props to you to have a finished product!

    Jess @ TupeloCreative

    1. Lol, so glad I'm not alone! :D

      Yes. Let's go get haircuts. That sounds fantastic.

  2. I get that from time to time. I think the best cure is time. :-) we'll be waiting when you feel better.



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