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20 Interweb Points

Hello gang!   Happy Wednesday!

I created a quick 10 question survey, and I'd be forever indebted (in the form of 20 interweb points) to you if you'd fill it out.

If you don't sew for children, you can skip it because, well, that's what it's about!


Since before I opened the Shop, I've been having this internal struggle regarding making sewing patterns.  My heart says make the clothing, but my soul says make the patterns.  I'm torn - have been for months.  I sort of think I should just do both.  ;)

But anyway, here's the survey - I'm just looking for a little spiritual guidance via SurveyMonkey.  Lol.

Thank you so much guys!  I really appreciate your input!

Requisite blog post picture:

Ni Hao!


But Not a Real Green Dress, That's Cruel!

Aka - One More Summer Dress, Please!

Hi everyone!  So since I've opened my Shop, and settled into the nerves of doing such, I've gotten back into sewing just for FUNZIES!  It's nice to cut yourself some slack every now and again, right?
I wanted to make Emmy just one more summery dress before Summer officially ends!  And here she be... A delightfully minty, twirly summer dress:

Notice my daughter is suddenly 100 years older than she used to be.

This is the pattern I used - McCall's 6305.  It's a very easy pattern, nothing fiddly or fussy.  The thing about it though is that there's no closures of any kind, so it's kinda big!  Still cute though, and she can grow into it.  :)

I sewed the red-polka version, below.
McCall's 6305

The fabric I used is a stretch cotton gauze that I think I got a Joann.  Really great material to work with - I need to procure myself some more of that!  I lined the skirt part with a heavier poly/crepe type job for extra twirling capacity.  I love the final dress!  Super pretty, if I do say so ;)    

The back - you can sort of see the gauzy texture better here.


Emmy has taken to modeling!  Huzzah!

Happy September, all!  I hope your Summers have been fantastic.  :)
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