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The Greenpoint Cardigan - Another Sew Fab Pattern!

This post contains affiliate links.  When you purchase the Sew Fab Bundle through those links, I earn a percentage of the sale.  Thank you so much for supporting the Sew Fab Sale and LouBeeClothing! 

Double header today, y'all!

Did you catch my Quilted Jacket this morning?  Well, if you can believe it, I still have more to show you from what I've sewn using patterns from the Sew Fab bundle!

This is the Greenpoint Cardigan from Hey June Handmade!

This was, aside from the jacket, the very first thing I made from the bundle!  I just love it - cardigans are so flipping cute on babes, and really so practical too!  Layering is vital to toddler-meltdown-avoidance, amiright?  Too hot?  Take it off, kid.  Too cold?  Put it back on, kid.  Easy peasy.  

Sleepy morning model is sleepy.

For this cardigan I used a ponte knit from Fabric Mart (bought months ago, they've sold out!).  Ponte is a great fabric to use for cardigans - it's incredibly easy to sew and it's very stable.  Your kiddo will not have to fight tons of stretch trying to get their arms into it.

I so desperately wanted to use tortoise shell buttons but, alas! I had none and for the LOVE OF PETE I will get through my stash!  So I used these pretty bone-looking buttons, and I am just as happy with them as I would've been with the tortugas, I'm sure.

This was a fantastic pattern to sew!  Very easy and fast, and the instructions are just perfect!  And bonus that it's suitable for both girls and boys.  So sharp!

The Greenpoint Cardigan is a part of the Sew Fab bundle - a collection of 26 patterns for just $29.95.  It's a bargain of epic proportions - something like $1.15 per pattern?!?!

And read more about it HERE.

Rear view:

Em loves this cardigan and so do I!  I think (and maybe it's just me) that polka dots are a neutral, so she'll be wearing this one 'til there's holes in the elbows!

For reference - I made the 3t and Emmy is three and a half.  Fits perfectly!

We LOVE it!  More of these, definitely!

Have you guys entered the Sew Fab giveaway?!  There are such awesome prizes up for grabs, do check it out!  You needn't buy the Sew Fab bundle in order to enter!  Head HERE to check it out!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I can't get over how many things u have made!!

  2. I agree, polka dots are definitely a neutral! Thanks for using the pattern, love it on your girl!!

  3. For the love of pete lol! Love that line. She is adorable in her new cardigan great work Momma.

  4. Love the band hem, another must-sew item from the bundle...:) Love love your polka dots choice! So cute!



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