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Like I said, I'm not a quilter.

Omg, I'm totally a quilter wannabe!!  Ha!

First of all, this is ridiculously beautiful and easier than anything I've ever sewn.  What a delight.  I can't wait to work on it more as Spring approaches in my sunny new sewing room!  More on that later.  (!)

And now, I've gotten myself into an i-spy swap!  Whhhaa??  If you've been living under the same rock as me (hi!), you'll be wondering what an i-spy quilt is.  Lemme show ya:

via Obsessively Stitching

It's a quilt with little identifiable things on it!  (I'm a poet, I know.)
So I'm going to make one for Loubs so we can all gather in bed with her quilt and drink hot cocoa and play i-spy!  That is, once she can identify things other than puppies and Ming Ming.  How fun and sweet, yes?!

Here are the fabrics I cut and sent out...

20 squares per print! 


 ...and I'll be getting back 200 [all different] squares!  Gah!  I can't wait to see them!

This swap is being held by one of Obsessively Stitching's readers who is sans Blog, so I can't link you to any more specifics.  We are hoping to start a flickr group, so I'll link to that when we do.

So I guess if I have 2 quilts in the works myself, I shant think unfavorably of quilt people henceforward.

(I was just jealous, yall ;)


  1. My mom made Henry an I spy quilt. We. Love. It. And what a great gift for you to make for your sweet girl - she will love it!

  2. Oh you're kidding! That's so precious! Becky quilts toOOoo?!

    I know, it just seems like the sweetest thing. I can't wait to start it!

  3. Oh WOW!! I WAS under a rock and didn't know about i-spy quilts. Oh jeesh, I have to make one of these. I hope I can find a swap.
    Your blog is so fun to read and I love your sewing projects. Thanks for your visit & comment to my blog, by the way :)

  4. Kristie, thank you so much! What a nice compliment!

    Yeah, how sweet, right?! I hope you find a swap too!! Obsessivly Stitching has a few a year I want to say, but they are really, really hard to get into! She has so many readers, and they ALL want in! I'll keep my eyes peeled for ya' ;)

  5. I wanna make one too!!! Now if only I had a sewing machine so you could teach me :/

  6. I have some fabric left from the I Spy quilt I made. I'll send it to you to help get you started.

  7. Oh Becky, thank you SO MUCH!! That'd be awesome!!!

  8. Yes my sweet mama quilts! She has made "Gigi blankets" for my boys. (Well, not for Jack yet, but it's coming. *I just know it*.) She made David's before he was born. And I'm sure before she knew I'd have so many freaking kids she'd be quilting forever. She's currently had to deconstruct David's to reconstruct it because he loves it so much. They quilts she's made are seriously probably my boys' most treasured things. Em will be so happy to have her's.

  9. Gigi Blanket?! Do tell!

    That's so awesome. I'm wicked excited to be doing these quilts. I hope she loves them so!



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