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Tuesday Temptations

I've decided that in lieu of the 'Inspriation' and 'Gotta Make This' tabs up top there [they will be exiting shortly], I'm going to post every Tuesday about the things I've seen recently that are uber-tempting to try out!

Coo?  Ok!  Let's get down to business then.

I've had the tutorial for this floor cushion printed out since forever, but this new "all grown up" version is definitely tempting me to finally make one!  Love it.

Living With Punks - Floor Cushion

I MUST and WILL bump out like 12 of these Retro Rompers for Emmys summer vacation!  Aren't they absurdly adorable?!

Sewing in No Mans Land - Retro Romper

Seeing as how I'll soon be inhabiting a shiny new sewing space, I figure I oughta keep it shiny with one of these Mug Rugs for my coffee mug and scones [read: wine glass and Cheez-its].  Hey, I can employ my new found quilting skilz!  ;)

Pin. Sew. Press. - Gorge Linen Mug Rug
Soo pretty.

And lastly, I don't want to leave my serger out of the rug action.  This little rug will really make the serger easier to move, too!  She's heavy!  Jess and I have the same serger, and I love that she chose like, the perfect fabric to match all the knobby bits!   Awesome!

Craftiness is not Optional - Little 'Quilt'

So that's it for today!  It looks by my choices that I'm itching for springy prints and warmer weather!  And well, yeah... I am!

Love to all!


  1. what eye candy! thanks for posting all of these... i'm starting to feel inspired to make that retro romper... love it!

  2. Glad you like them Stephanie!
    I know it - that Romper is a MUST MAKE!

    Have a good day!! :D



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