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A (good) break in sewing.

No Pendrell.  No Marie.  No vintage dress.  No quilting.  No nothin'.


Why yay?  Because I'm moving into a brand spankin' new sewing space!!!  I'm sharing it with the washer and dryer, but they have been alloted about 10% of the space in the room.  Ha.  Take that, Kenmore.

We have been working on it for the past two weekends, and it's almost ready to occupy!  I use 'we' loosely here - it's actually been my uncle Kev and stepfather Bobby - thank you guys!!!  This room required a complete overhaul - Robins Egg Blue faux wood paneling removal (I know, sad), new insulation (we actually didn't think it was insulated, it was so cold!  But, oddly, it was), stud repair, drywall, new flooring, some minor electrical fixes... Phew!  So it's been quite the transformation, and well worth the wait!

Before: washer and dryer hogging too much space.

Oh paneling, you were lovely, and I will miss you.

Drywall up!

Washer and dryer behaving in a more civilized manner.

Future home of Sewingville!  And carpeting!

Aforementioned 10% of alloted laundry space.

My new nook... with glowy paint going up.

My paint color is Cool Morning by Valspar, and it absolutely gllllows in daylight (but is subtle at night).  Exactly what I was looking for.  I also got a Minwax stain called Special Walnut (fun) for the baseboards and trim and whatnot, but I can't decide whether to stain or to just paint all of it white.  The stain matches most of the wood in my house, as well as the door into the shiny new Palace of Sewdom, but I also like the freshness of bright white trim.  Thoughts?


What would yall do?

So anyhow, all things sewing/craft related are in bags and boxes and upstairs and downstairs, etc.  You know the drill.  But, I should be done painting and staining and moving furniture by the end of this week!  And [in my dreams] I will have the most fabulously productive sewing weekend! 


Love to all!


  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I love your onesie and can't wait to try it out for my little one too! I hope you enjoy your new sewing space. My husband recently gifted me our old office. I love being able to spread out. I'll definitely be back to check out what you do in your new space!

  2. Hello there! Thanks again for the feature - that was downright thrilling to see! :D

    Yeah, a space all my own is a dream come true! Kudos to your husband... good guy :)

    Thanks for following!!

  3. love love love... can't wait to christen the new sewing nook with a glass (bottle) of wine, some fabric ooh & ahh-ing, and some good old fashioned girl talk!

    PS - don't tell the kitchen, but this may be my new favorite place to party! ;)

  4. Thank you Booboo Snap! Wait 'til you see it in person... it's friggen heaven :)
    And yeah, I think kitchen party is now sewing room party ;)
    You have to come look at it and advise re: painting or staining. Capeesh?

  5. wow a lot of work, but it now looks awesome! love the color choice.



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