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Kids Clothes Week - Day 2!

Good day, all!  Happy day two of Kids Clothes Week!

I have to keep things short and sweet again, so here is day two's offering!  

It's a cloudy, dark day here in Massachusetts, so no matter WHEN I took these photos they weren't going to be great!  Ehh, win some, lose some.  :)

This is the fantastic Roly Poly Pinafore from Imagine Gnats!
It's such a great pattern.  It's fast, and it showcases your fabric without any fuss - my DREAM pattern.

Also - It's reversible!  TWO TOPS IN ONE!  Less laundry, amiright?!


I already have a second one of these cut out, so I'll do a more detailed post once Kids Clothes Week is wrapped... I truly adore this pattern, and will be making several of them!  


Tired model is tired.

Have a good night all!  Hope you're having a blast sewing ALL THE THINGS!

Love to all,
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  1. Love! Love! Love! Love! You rock my roly poly world!!!

  2. Aww, I love it! Love the gingham too. This pattern could go a long way in my house- I love pinafores like this. P.s. I used to live in mass too! In a tiny pink cabin. Good times. :)

  3. Oh the gingham color really comes through here. I love the two fabrics together. So so great!

  4. Oh, this is perfect with those little leggings. Love the whole style! My daughter has gym 5 days a week, and dresses hinder her competitive spirit, but little tops like this would be perfect!

  5. It was kinda fun meeting you on IG and THEN finding your blog! Your family is adorable! Great job on the Doli tank, too!

    1. Haha, that's awesome Samantha!! And thank you! :D I hope you enjoy the pattern!

  6. That little tuck in the front seals this deal! Love it!

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