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Hi all!  :D

There has been a little bit of sewing going on around here, but nothing really to show yet.  I made this blouse in a really cool striped chiffon, but it needs to be hemmed:

Simplicity 2594

It's on the back burner because I sort of don't like it.  Like at all.  Since I was using a stripe, I didn't cut the fabric on the bias (for the modeled view, with the checkers there).  So not only is it not cowling right, but the horizontal stripes are like, sagging and drooping across my front.  Adorable.  Really, a nice look.  Forethought fail.

I'm also just about done with a Sorbetto!  I made it in a matte navy poly-something, and I love it!  I added sleeves to it - using a free pattern you can download HERE.  Now when I say "added sleeves", I mean I made a mess (wine-sewing, don't do it), and they need to be ripped out and redone.  But it's finished for all intensive purposes!   :D

So moving along from that magical and inspiring update from my sewing room...  There are a couple adorable things I've seen recently that I want to make ASAP!  I clearly need to step away from selfish sewing and make some adorably satisfying Emmy things.


I've been wanting to make Emmy a petticoat forever now, and this one looks SO easy!  

I've had this bloomer pattern printed out for literally a year!  I just spied it again in my pattern box - TIME TO MAKE MANY!

Seriously... My head can't handle all the fabric combo options for these bloomers.  I die.

This handsome fellow has also been printed out and ready to go fo-evaah!  I have the wool felt and the yarn even!  What gives, self!?  Make the things!

So.  I'm going to go make some cute, rewarding things.
I'll show you the Sorbetto hopefully this weekend, and also, Emmy's basement playroom!  It's epic, yall.  :D


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  1. That pattern looks cute! Too bad you don't like it. For me it seems I always have to sew one bad garment before I have a success with a pattern. Practice, I guess. :-)



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