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Fancy-Up Your Hosh Pants - Day 5!


Ahhh, that's a great word when you have a 9-5 job.  Lol. 

So, are y'all ready for today's installment of:

Today we have the bananas talented Kat from Sew Chibi!

Sidenote: why do all of my contributors HAVE IMPOSSIBLY ADORABLE CHILDREN. 

I am madly in love with Kat.  MADLY.  She has become such a good friend of mine, someone I can go to for anything.  Kat is a completely open-hearted soul and I adore that about her.  She also makes me laugh to the point of tears and/or peepants just about daily.  That, my friends, is Kat.  :D

And THIS is her HOSH HACK!

Head on over to Sew Chibi now!  

You'll want to stay awhile - creativity and mad sewing skills all over the place.

Happy Friday, all!!

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  1. Best. Intro. Ever. I'm totally framing this content. Hahahaha! Xxxx

  2. Sephira is ridiculously gorgeous! She has gone from adorable baby with WOAH THAT HAIR and now she's growing up lie her big sister into a gorgeous pretty girl D:



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