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Fawn Lily + Origami Oasis

Hello, all!  Happy Wednesday!

I've been so looking forward to this post - it's a fabulous coming together of three awesome things... 

2 - Two beautiful Willow and Co. patterns that I've been itchin' to sew
3 - Finally sharing this gorgeous new fabric line from Michael Miller - Origami Oasis!


Stellar lineup, non?!

I have loved the Fawn Lily ever since I first saw it... and then loved it more every time I saw a new one sewn up out on the internets. It's just so different! So many variations + fabric combo possibilities.

So I jumped at the chance to sew my own version for Frances Suzanne's Flip This Pattern - September Showcase. This Showcase is
"No competition. Just a “show and share” of sorts….getting the word out about some pretty amazing patterns by Rising Indie Designers. You will see a combination of FLIPPED and UNFLIPPED versions of the showcased patterns, as well as featured designers showcasing one another’s patterns throughout the series. How cool is that?"
 Very, that's how!

The Fawn Lily was everything that you've heard - fun, easy, and freaking wicked smart. Standing ovation for Rebecca, the pattern's creator!

I sewed a size 4t just-below-the-knee length, for my taller 4.5 year old, and it hits just where I was hoping it would, right at her knee. I love everything about this dress but it's the shape especially that I am drawn to. The contoured cap sleeves, the perfectly flared skirt - it's just delicious, all of it.

Surely by now you're saying what is this bright, wild fabric!?  Let me tell'ya!

It's a brand new line called Origami Oasis, designed by Tamara Kate for Michael Miller Fabrics.  Tamara contacted me a few months ago asking if I'd be interested in sewing up some of her gorgeous new fabric in exchange for the Shandiin pattern. Um hashtag yes. See Tamara's Shandiin in Origami Oasis HERE. So cool. 

Origami Oasis comes in a bold colorway (the one I've sewn here), a warmer colorway (in the graphic above), and in a black and white. Please, click over to see them - I HAVE to get some of that graphic black and white. Look at this quilt. I don't even quilt. Look at this shirtdress!!!

Tamara Kate on Origami Oasis:
Inspired by an afternoon with my daughter making a menagerie of origami creatures, I created this world of wonders where diamonds decorate fantastical birds, flowers form animals' manes and where it's ok to be a little wild. The oasis is a magical place where individuality is celebrated and everyone gets along. So be proud, stand tall and show your colours!

I love that message.  Show our colors, indeed.

I didn't get great shots of Em's new Aster Cardigan - it was a super nice day, so we took advantage and shed layers. I love this sweet pattern to BITS! It's fast, profesh, and stinkin' cute.  There will be heaps more made. Recommend x 1,000.

This Aster is sewn in a size 5, using a nice ponte knit. Em has to wear uniforms to school (did you hear me drop to my knees and wail when I heard that news?), so this collared cardigan in requisite navy is just right. I'm happy there are still some things I can make for her to wear despite the (well-intended) dress policy. 

My pockets.

Have you guys sewn the Fawn Lily?  Leave me a link or a picture in the comments!  If not, might I coerce you with this nice coupon code?

Take 20% off the Fawn Lily Tunic & Dress Pattern with code SHOWCASE20 right here in the Willow & Co. shop!

Scoop up the Aster Cardigan while you're there, too. :)

And, ahem, don't miss this enormous giveaway!  Thank you, Frances Suzanne!

Have a great day, guys! Happy sewing!

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  1. love! finally got my act together and bought both of these patterns :)

  2. That gif!!! Rolling!

  3. So very lovely, Sarah! I think I'm going to have to get my hands on some of those patterns!

  4. Beautiful!!! Such an awesome job with the Fawn Lily! And I am loving the new MM fabric line.
    Thank you for all your sweet comments about the pattern :)

  5. Thank you, Tamara! Let's do this again soon!

  6. Thank you, Rebecca! It was my pleasure! Your pattern is seriously so good. :D

  7. awwww look at her in her little tights and oxfords! love the prints you chose and love how it looks on Emmy. totally adorable. totally fallish.

  8. Oh my Sarah!! I have been dying to see what you were whipping up since your sneak peak. I love it to pieces!!
    That .GIF!!! Hahaha!
    That girl!
    That fabric OMG!!
    That dress!
    That cardi!
    Perfect! Every single bit of it!!

  9. Oh!!!! So cute. I love the gif :) And her shoes!! Your styling is always spot on. This is perfect back to school fall wear, if you know, she could wear it to school...!

  10. I need to get this pattern! Gorgeous job and gorgeous little girl!



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