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Hello friends and family!
As is now evident, I am no good at summer blog updates, summer sewing or summer anything-that-takes-time-away-from-summer things.  I do apologize! 
The Hubs works evenings most of the year, but in summer he works days, so we've just really been enjoying our family time while it lasts.  I've got a slew of crafty things on the horizon, but for now I'm making sure I soak up this time with Emmy...  It's been an awesome summer so far. :) 
Hope yall are having a good one too!
Testing the waters with Grampy

Yes, that IS a Coors Light cowboy hat, why?

First braids!  SO sweet!  :D

Playing with fancycamera off the back deck of the beach house...

Collecting rocks...


Helping Papa build Stonehenge...

Beach bath! (aka token funny bath picture to show her boyfriends) 

Rainbowy goodness...

Ahh... want to go back!
This was Jonas's first stay at a beach house, if that wasn't already made clear by this photo.  lol

Also, awesome Kim added a spot to the side of the blog for things 'in the works'... I think it'll help me stay focused!  Keep a look out there for upcoming projects and whatnot.  
Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone!


  1. You have to have an embarassing photo to show future boyfriends..It's the law! :o)



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