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Meet Ellen! & a Halloween Powwow

Happy Friday!  Woot!
May I please introduce you to my new lady friend, Ellen:

Isn't she a dear?!  I found her on Craigslist!  And I named her after the adorable lady with whom she lived previously.  She isn't quite as endowed in the northern region as I am, so she's wearing a stuffed bra.  Which is so, so weird.  I'll get over it. :)

And she's modeling a new shirt that's going to be featured as a guest post project on another blog!  Stay tuned for that!

So now, down to business.  Halloween!
I want to whip up something for Emmy, but I am seriously running out of time!  Yall want to help me pick what to make?  Check out these costume ideas that I'm loving:

Mermaid costume!  Unfortunately, It's def going to be too cold for this unless I make it long-sleeved.  Meh... Maybe.  It's so cute though!
Source: via Kathleen on Pinterest

That shell!  I love it so much.

Now this next one is the MAJOR front runner!
Little sheep!!!
Source: via Alissa on Pinterest

Could you just keel over from the cute?!!  Plus this little munchkin looks about Emmys size, so I know it would be comparably adorable.  I think I would just purchase the black tee, already have black leggings, and use this pattern (below) that I already have to make the sheep body, sans sleeves and pocket!:

Seriously, so cute.  And how fun would it be to fill a cart at Michael's with bags of big ol' pompoms?  Answer - wicked fun.  :D

Candy Corn costume!!!  This one is just so sweet, and I know for sure that it would whip up in like, one evening.  One evening plus wine.  Now that's an easy project.

I love the matching hat and bag!  I think I could make a long sleeved version with my go-to dress pattern, the Charlotte Dress from Mama Stellato.  Totally doable!  I'd have to source out orange tights though...  Hm.

Owl costume!!  This one is as insanely cute, but I do not harbor the required patience it would take to make it.  Not this year anyway, I'm already running late!


So what do you guys think?!  Do you love the sheep one as much as I do??
Are you making any costumes this year?

Holler attcha boo!


  1. The sheep is fabulous. I vote for that or the candy corn. Henry asked me if he "designs and draws a costume" if I would sew it for him for Halloween. . . Um. . . it's October 7. No. He's going to be Super Mario. From Wal Mart.

    Kim at

  2. So tough but I have to say I like the sheep too. It is so cuddly and sweet.

  3. I know!!! I want to make them alllll!! But, I gotta say, I went out last night and bought every white pompom in a 20 mile radius, so the sheep it is!!! I can't resist! :D

    This is my first year making Emmy a costume, so I want to go easy on myself! Aside from gluing a million poms, this should be pretty quick and fun!

    Thanks for the input! :D

  4. I smiled through this whole post. Sheep and the candy corn are my fav's. xo



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