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My very first digital sewing pattern!

Ladies and... ladies, it is with GREAT pride and excitement that I debut my fist PDF sewing pattern, the HOSH Pants!

After many, many months of hard work and intense dedication, I have finally completed this pattern that I am so proud of.  

It is designed, drafted, graded, and digitized by me - a true labor of love that I am fairly certain earns my husband and daughter loads of extra hugs and kisses - I've been glued to my computer for a freaking long time!  I think I'll be taking them out for Valentine's Day. :)

Here's why these pants are rad:

Think about all of the patterned fabrics you can use that won't be chopped up by a side seam!  You can use a huge floral like I have.  You can use plaids.  Polka dots.  Stripes.  You name it - the print will wrap perfectly around those tiny legs without interruption.  HUH-ZAH.

The pattern includes clear, step-by-step instructions for how to assemble an adjustable waistband using buttonhole elastic.  The front is flat and sleek, and the back has room for adorably squeezy baby buns, with the added benefit of adjusting for tiny (or not so tiny) waists.  For.  The.  Win.

This slim silhouette lends itself to any occasion, from casual all the way up to formal - I think I'm going to make a pair in stretch satin (zomg look at this one) - fancy pants!  The Hosh Pants pattern calls for stretch woven fabrics.  Not knits - but wovens with added stretch.  Cottons with Lycra.  Lightweight stretch denims and corduroys.  Stretch velveteen.  The two pairs I have pictured here are both stretch cotton sateens from Fabric Mart.  Cotton sateens are incredibly easy to work with, and the added stretch keeps the pants in the shape they should be - wash after wash, wear after wear.

I love these pants with all of my heart, and I also love this journey I have been on.
I have learned so much through this process, that I CANNOT WAIT to add tons more of my patterns.  I'm betting things will go a little quicker and little more smoothly from here on out - knowing what I know now.

Head on over here to purchase the HOSH Pants!

I know you guys will love these pants as much as I do.

Love, love, love,
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